Four signs that he’s in love with you – even if he doesn’t say it out loud

Four signs that he’s in love with you – even if he doesn’t say it out loud

Saying ‘I love you’ to someone is a big step. It means taking the relationship to the next level – you are committing to that person and envisioning a future together. So of course saying those three words can be nerve-wracking. What if the other person doesn’t say it back? What if the relationship doesn’t last?

Whether you met through friends or through singing up to find love online, every couple that has been together for a while goes through this. If you haven’t said those words to each other yet but you’re wondering if he’s thinking it, here are four ways to tell if he’s in love with you:


You speak for a long time 

Do you have long conversations? Is he interested to know about what you think and feel about things? Does he want to find out everything about you, from what you were like as a child to what your relationship with your parents is like?

If he shows a genuine desire to know all about you and he remembers your answers, it’s a sure sign he’s cares about you and wants to be a big part of your life.


He is interested in what you do, and how your day has been

If he shows interest in your interests, he is interested in you! If you paint or draw, he will want to see your artwork. If you play an instrument, he will want you to perform for him.

When we’re in love, we find our partner and everything they do fascinating. Similarly, if he asks you about your day and what you’ve done, it shows he really cares. He will wants to know all those mundane little details simply because it happened to you!


He talks about the future with you 

If he mentions the future, whether it’s about weekend trips away together or being his date to a family wedding next year, this is a definite sign he is committed to you. People don’t tend to talk about the future unless they are really serious, or in love with somebody.


He is not scared to introduce you to his family


Have you met his family? If not, is he eager to introduce you to them? If he hasn’t suggested it or seems uncomfortable about this, he is probably unsure about your relationship. But if he’s keen for you to, it means he wants to show you off and he thinks that what you have is going to last.

If you’re still not sure whether he’s really in it for the long haul, there is plenty more advice online at pages like the eHarmony Facebook Page. On social media pages like this, you can also interact with other people who may be going through the same thing.
If you’re reading this and you’re doubting that your partner really does care about you, it probably means he’s not worth keeping! You deserve someone who loves you and wants to be with you long-term.

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  1. Jacinta Zechariah says

    Online dating is quite successful nowadays I think as quite a few people I know have partners they met through online dating sites!

  2. says

    After 23 years of marriage (well way before that really) it is clear that how men and women define “love” is very different. The first step to being happy is absolutely recognizing how your partner does show love.

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