Everything Tablet 360° Rotating Case for iPad2

Everything Tablet

I was sent an iPad2 case from Everything Tablet, as you probably know already I love my iPad2, it is taken almost everywhere I go and I also like to switch my cases depending on what mood I am in.

I was allowed to choose what colour our of the 360° rotating case and I chose pink as I have not got a pink one and I do love pink.

The case arrived very quickly and I decided that there was no time like the present to try it out.

Everything Tablet

It was really easy to put in iPad2 into it, this is a big plus for me as I have had other cases where I have struggled getting the iPad2 in and out of it. It basically clips in and stays put and I only have to press one corner down to get it back out of the case. The backing is made of a hard plastic and all holes for camera, volume, on/off switch and charging port were in the correct positions. There is a big hole in the back of the backing and turning it over shows the Apple logo. The inside of the front f the case has three ridges in it, this is for standing the iPad2 up in landscape mode.  You can have up totally upright, a slight tilt to the screen and a bigger tilt to the screen, I prefer the latter.

Everything Tablet

There is also a thick black elastic band that runs the length of the Everything Tablet  iPad2 case this for screen protection. The case is made from PU Leather and has a  microfibre inner lining. The whole case rotates 360°. I really love it, and not just because of the colour but because it keeps my iPad2 secure and it is lightweight.

The Everything Tablet 360° Rotating Case is a great price at just £24.99 at the moment. It is available in various colours.


Disclaimer: I was sent this product in exchange for an honest review. The review is my own personal opinions and not influenced in any way.

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