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I was sent a few vouchers to purchase some Emmi Caffé Latte Iced Coffee drinks as I had 5 vouchers my intention was to purchase the five flavours available, Caramel New York Limited Edition , Vanilla, Skinny , Cappuccino and Flat White. I was a little disappointed to find that my local Tesco store only stocked Caramel New York Limited Edition so ended up visiting my local Morrison’s store which is a very small store, they only stocked the Caramel New York Limited Edition and the Vanilla Flavour.  I decided to just buy those two as finding another store on the off chance that they might stock the other flavours was slim and too much travelling as I live out of town.

Emmi Caffé Latte

Reading the back of Emmi Caffé Latte Limited Edition Caramel there is a stamp that says Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee. It also says…

Add a bit of NYC glamour to your coffee. Discover our delicious New York Edition. The finest fresh coffee with a surprisingly sweet caramel twist  perfect, even if you’re not in the city that never sleeps.

I will admit I do not really like coffee, not so much the taste but the smell but when I opened up the cup I was surprised that it actually smelt more like caramel than coffee which won me over straight away.

Emmi Caffé Latte

I actually really enjoyed the caramel taste and finished it within minutes. It tastes fresh and it is also refreshing because it is cold. I also liked that the lid had a little hole in it so I could drink it straight from the cup.

There are 136 calories per 230ml cup of Emmi Caffé Latte New York limited Edition Caramel. When you hear the name you think mmm sounds nice, when you drink it you think mmm it’s just as nice or even better than it sounds.

Emmi Caffé Latte

Emmi Caffé Latte Vanilla ice coffee has on the front of the cup a 3 bean grading system this one is a one bean mild coffee.

This is what it says on the back of the cup…

There’s a lot inside this cup. Iced coffee, Freshly-roasted, Rainforest Alliance Certified beans, fresh Swiss milk. But there’s more too. A smile you can’t resist. A pick-me-up, just when you need it and a delicious moment that’s just for you.

The Vanilla iced coffee does have slightly more calories per cup at 152 calories but it is so nice. I love vanilla but have never tried a vanilla coffee drink before hot or cold. So this was completely new to me.

It is actually delicious so much so I had half the cup and my daughter nabbed it and drank the rest which is unlike her as she will usually go for tea rather than coffee.

Again this has the same style lid which means no washing up and all of the cups are recyclable.

I have saved some of my vouchers in case I do see the Skinny, Cappuccino or Flat White available in the supermarket as I really want to try those too.

Overall I loved both Emmi Caffé Latte flavours they were full of flavour and had a high quality taste. I am now a converted iced coffee lover which I never thought would ever happen.

You can purchase Emmi Caffé Lattes in the dairy aisle at Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, The Cooperative and good independent stores. RRP £1.19 per cup.



  1. mands manc (@mandsmanc) says

    I have never been too sure about flavoured coffee, thanks for the review I might have to try these :)

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