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I had not  heard of eco2life before so I was eager to check out who they were and what they did before I reviewed their products.

eco2life products are inspired by an Australian idea to create an environmentally sustainable cleaning system using ingredients derived from corn, sugar cane, coconut, vegetables and citric acids. All of their products are eco friendly they aim to minimise your carbon footprint and the way they do that is by offering naturally derived products and everything must be made from renewable resources, readily biodegradable, and meet the most stringent environmental standards.


I was sent four different cleaning products from eco2life I received glass cleaner, bath & shower cleaner, multi surface cleaner and floor cleaner. Each of these can in small 50ml bottles I also received four empty 500ml reusable spray bottles.

All I had to do when I received them was fill the empty eco2life 500ml spray bottle half full with cold tap water, and pour the refill bottle into the water and then top up the spray bottle with more cold tap water. Screw the spray trigger back onto the bottle, give it a little shake and it can be used instantly.

I did this for all four of the cleaners at the same time. The refill bottles can be recycled.

The Glass Cleaner is suitable for cleaning glass, plexiglass, windows and mirrors,  water resistant surfaces or surfaces not harmed by water. I have glass coffee table, and tv unit and the glass cleaner is so easy to use just spray rub with a cloth then use another cloth to dry. It left my glass units very clean with no smearing. The glass cleaner ingredients are 30% purified water, 3-15% non-ionic surfactants, <5% perfume, and 0,4% preservative.

The floor cleaner is  ideal for cleaning resilient stone, concrete, vinyl, terrazzo, quarry tiles, plastic, ceramic, rubber, enamel, Formica, stainless steel, painted or varnished surfaces, marble and wood, water resistant surfaces or surfaces not harmed by water. I use this on my kitchen floor and my painted steps and fire place which is painted tiles. It cleans thoroughly and leaves  nice clean smell in its wake. The floor cleaners ingredients are 30% purified water, 15-30% non-ionic surfantants, <5% perfume and 0.4% preservative.

The Bath and shower cleaner is suitable for cleaning porcelain basics an baths, shower tiles, general ceramic tiles, chrome fixtures, water resistant surfaces or surfaces not harmed by water.

I love using this in my bathroom, my pet hate is water marks on chrome fittings like taps, shower head, and towel rail and this cleans them up lovely and leaves them sparkling. my sink and bath also look sparking once I have finished cleaning them with this.

The Bath and Shower Cleaner ingredients are 30% purified water, 5-15% non-ionic surfactants, <5% anionic surfactant, perfume, 0.4% preservative.

The Multi Surface cleaner is suitable for general surface cleaning, including laminates, ceramic tiles, sealed granite worktops, chrome appliances, porcelain, fridge and microwave interiors, water resistant surfaces or surfaces not harmed by water.

I have used this to clean the inside of my fridge and microwaves as well as my cooker that is chrome and worktops and they definitely look a lot cleaner after cleaning them. I don’t think I have seen the inside of my microwave looking cleaner as I usually use just soap and water to clean it. The perfume is a regular multi surface cleaner smell. The ingredients are 30% purified water, 15-30% non-ionic surfactants, <5% perfume, anionic surfactant, 0.4% preservative.

I am loving the eco2life range not only do they clean well, they reduce your carbon footprint, they are made with naturally derived biodegradable ingredients, they are aquatic safe but there is not bleach or nasties in them and I like to steer clear of bleach products with children in the house.

They are available to purchase online at £3.50 for the spray bottle and refill or £2.50 for the refill



cleaning box view1 HR

We are giveaway A SPECIAL eco2life Cleaning Box to one winner.


The eco2life cleaning box will contain:

  • One of each 500ml REUSABLE spray bottle of the eco2life multi-surface, bathroom, glass and floor eco friendly high performance cleaning products.
  • Two of each 50ml REFILLS, one to get your started and the other to keep you green cleaning
  • Four different colour high quality micro-fibre cloths.

Everything you need to get you eco cleaning.

eco2life – the brilliantly simple refill system

Special Offer Cleaning Box Contents

Open to K & Eire Residents only
Ends Midnight (BST) 31st July 2013

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclaimer: I was sent this product in exchange for an honest review. The review is my own personal opinions and not influenced in any way.



  2. Jean Bolsover says:

    These sound like great cleaning products!

  3. Irene Wright says:

    Never seen this stuff before but I like the idea. Brilliant. Would love to try it out.

  4. Tamsin Dean says:

    would love to win, these would work fab in the house

  5. The last few years I have been buying more eco-friendly products, with varying results, so it would be great to win this range to try for myself – I’ve seen Eco2Life mentioned in pretty positive terms in a few articles so it would be interesting to see if I agree with the opinions expressed by reviewers. Fingers crossed for a little bit of luck to come my way now – I’m still ploughing my way through a bit of a belated spring clean so it would be useful and timely to win a box of cleaning products.

  6. Wonderful prize lots of luck everyone.

  7. iain maciver says:

    great giveaway I hope my name is on it

  8. Hazel Rea says:

    What a great giveaway! Thanks.

  9. Rey Chunara says:

    These are a great range of products. Tried them before and very happy with them

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    Fits right in with my eco thinking

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    I’ve just started my ‘nesting’ at 31 weeks so this would be great!!

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  16. Ashleigh Allan says:

    another great giveaway!

  17. If I win this then I’ll have to do more cleaning…. but hopefully, it will make it easier!

  18. Paul Kendall says:

    Love to win… try to use Eco friendly products so this would go down a treat.. either way will buy some when I get chance… thanks and fingers crossed for the win

  19. claire grigg says:

    would love to win!

  20. This looks really good. I do try to make my own eco-products but they never seem to work very well so if I’m lucky enough to win it will be interesting to see the difference.

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    Thanks for a great giveaway! I would love to win it, especially as it’s eco-friendly.

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    Love Eco products as they smell so much nicer than chemical cleaners and do the job just as well.

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    what fab idea to save all that packaging!

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    I love the idea of reducing waste. I wish more firms would take this on board.

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    These look like an amazing idea!

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    Like these a lot.

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  61. Would love to have these so I can have a cleaner, greener house without the use of chemicals

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    Great giveaway :) I’d love to try these. I do worry about the amount of nasties there are in normal cleaning prouducts especially with children in the house

  63. They sound good! :)

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    I buy a lot of another eco brand. Some products are great and some just average so I’d love to try a different range.

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  111. I need these, I missed a spring clean, I really need to do a summer one! I do worry about certain cleaning products and my cats, because they walk over the cleaned surfaces or floor and then clean their paws, but these eco products sound great.

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    Really like the look of these products, fab giveaway

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    I am not the stereotypical man -I actually like cleaning my house and trying new products.

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  157. I am turning towards eco- friendly products for home cleaning after I found out I am pregnant

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    I need all the help I can get when it comes to cleaning. :-)

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    Fantastic giveaway. With 7 grandchildren the youngest being 10 months I have to be careful as to what product I use and store. Also having a small dog extra care needs to be taken as she licks and chews everything in sight. Fingers crossed I’m lucky this time

  162. Can you stow all the kit away in the original box? That would be cool.

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    Would love to try these products.

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  213. This stuff looks great! Love the fact that the refills are so small!

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    What a cool competition! I’m always looking for the latest eco products, we’ve got to look after our environment! X

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  271. Mark Whittaker says:

    Always try to seek out eco friendly organic cleaning products :-)

  272. Joanne Kelly says:

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  273. Bunch of great products!

  274. nikki reynolds says:

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  282. Raphael Patrice says:

    cleanliness is next to godliness

  283. awesome of you to offer this prize!

  284. Samantha R says:

    We are having a huge clearout at the moment, the cleaning products would be ideal for when we have finished

  285. John Hill says:

    You can never have enough cleaning products and these look great.

  286. Laura Whittle says:

    I’m cleaning mad so would love to win this!

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    Fabulous prize, thank you! :)

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    Sounds like a great prize. Fingers crossed. :)

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    my house is in desperate need of this win!

  290. Helen Craigs says:

    I would love to give these products a try as chemicals are so harmful to our environment aswell as causing my eczema!

  291. Melanie says:

    This is just what I need to make my house cleaning more enjoyable.

  292. Emma Price says:

    I’d love to give these a go. Always up to try something new that’s good for the environment!

  293. Philip Cooke says:

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  294. I would love to win

  295. Chris Fletcher says:

    I wanna win!

  296. Zoe Coen says:

    Great comp!! ive heard good things about this brand and would love to try them for myself

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  300. ROS IRWIN says:

    New to me – sounds really good

  301. Gareth Bennett says:

    The rate it’s going my spring clean is likely to be a winter one! Help me out here? lol

    Thank you for running this competition. It’s very generous of you. I’ll be sure to add you to my favorite sites!

  302. These would be great to try for my big clean up of the house!

  303. julie baxter says:

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  309. My new goal is to go eco friendly in my cleaning so this would be a great help.

  310. Alix Smith says:

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  311. Rosalind Blight says:

    I would love to win as i get very aggitated by using normal cleaning products

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  316. Helen Garner says:

    Would love to try these out

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