Collins My First Hello Kitty Dictionary & Learn With Hello Kitty: Numbers Review

We received My First Hello Kitty dictionary and a Learn With Hello Kitty: Numbers activity book to review from Mummy News.
My First Hello Kitty Dictionary
My First Hello Kitty Dictionary is aimed at children aged 5-7 years of age.
The alphabet is printed on every page of the book with each letter in a different colout, helping children to learn and recognise different letters with ease. It is a fun and colourful introduction to A-Z dictionaries, independent learning and literacy, keeping younger children engaged at all times.

My daughter is a great fan of Helly Kitty and she does enjoy literacy at school. She will be going into year 1 in September and she can read very well but some words she just reads them not actually knowing what they mean. I thought this might be a great help to her.

The dictionary is hardbacked with the majority of the book cover coloured pink. The title “My First Hello Kitty Dictionary is white with glitter which my daughter loves.

The book is A4 sized , eith 156 pages. There are a lot of words in the dictionary which are age appropriate and probably words that have or will be used at some point at the ages of 5-7 years. Each explanation is in a way that children would understand them.
boil verb
boils, boiling, boiled

  1. When water boils, It becomes very hot, and you can see bubbles in it and steam coming from it.
  2. 2.When you boil food, you cook it in water that is boiling.

 inside My First Hello Kitty Dictionary

The words also have next to them whether that are a verb, noun or adjective.
Under some of the words there is also a phrase where you may use the word.

 Inside My First Hello Kitty Dictionary

This has helped my daughter understand the meaning to more words and she opens it up a lot to look up words that she is either unsure of the meaning or unsure of the spelling of it.

She also loved the pictures of Hello Kitty in it which makes her want to use it rather than have to use it.

I would definitely recommend this as a dictionary always comes in handy but most dictionaries are not aimed at children of this age. RRP £10.99

 Learn With Hello Kitty: Numbers cover

Learn With Hello Kitty: Numbers is an easy to follow book and is a simple way to help children with their first encounter with numbers. There are straight forward activities to make counting up to 20 fun, as well as an introduction to addition and subtraction.

This book is an A4 sized paperback again the main colour of the cover is pink.
Inside the book is over 100 stickers and a reward chart plusfun activities that involve numbers.

stickers inside book

The first task my daughter had was in the front over it asks for her to colour in her age number. So she did this by colouring in the 5.

There are many activities on each page, from tracing the number with a finger and then writing the number, circling balls, counting, drawing and colouring.

 inside Learn With Hello Kitty Numbers

My daughter did all of this book with ease but she still enjoyed doing it.

At the end of the book is a reward chart which you can choose tasks for your child to do and award stickers when they have done it. We found that the stickers did peel off so we could reuse this many times.

 Reward Chart

I would again recommend this because numeracy plays a huge part in childrens lives once they are at school and this encourages learning numbers and counting in a fun and easy way that children will enjoy. RRP £4.99

Both of these books are available to purchasew from all good book shops and online from Amazon


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  1. Thats so cute and looks pretty easy for the kids to use and understand =]

  2. Those are both so cute! I need to find something like for my little one since we are homeschooling him, but I don’t think he would be down with Hello Kitty! LOL!

  3. Awe how cute, now I need a superman one or phineas and ferb for my son!

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