Classic Catchphrase Game


As a member of the Ideal Games Group from John Adams we were sent Classic Catchphrase game.

Now I am sure most people have watched Catchphrase at some point in their lives whether it was presented by Roy Walker or Stephen Mulhern. I used to love watching it as a children/teenager and now it is back on TV I watch it with my children who love to shout out the answers as do I.

We were looking forward to playing Classic Catchphrase because we all love the game show.


Inside the box is;
Large and small Classic Catchphrase cards, Bonus board tray and compartment covers, Electronic timer (requires 2 x AAA batteries, not included), Play money and instructions.


We set everything up and started to play the game. We had a question master who basically puts the cards down and two teams, press the electronic timer when putting the card down and also has to keep hold of the instruction booklet because the answers are in it.  This was all good, my eldest daughter did this no problem once she read the number on the corner of the card.


The problem we did have was that the small game cards are too small being approximately  4cm x 4cm and when more than one person was playing the game it was hard to get it in a place that both of those players could see the card properly without basically sitting on top of each other.

This ruined the game experience for us as some of the cards were quite dark colours and had dark writing on too.
It did lead to a bit of chaos and arguments because they couldn’t read or see the cards which they in turn felt was unfair.
Also going from the normal catchphrase rounds to super catchphrase took the question master some time to put all the cards into the bonus board which lead to people getting bored waiting.

The idea of the game is great and what I had expected but I think the small cards should be bigger so we could have enjoyed the game experience more.

Would I recommend Classic Catchphrase? If you have good eyesight and are prepared to wait while the next round is being set up, then yes. My family have good eyesight but none are the most patient of people so it wasn’t for us.

I think this game would be better in a DVD game format.

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