Chocolate Making Kit | Review

 Chocolate Making Kit

I received a Chocolate/praline making kit from Clas Ohlson. We love chocolate here but have never made our own.

Inside the box is;
A mixing bowl
3-pronged dipping fork
dipping tool
drying rack (23cm x 23cm)
60 x aluminium moulds.

 chocolate making kit

I was surprised at how small the box was when I received it, but I guess chocolates are quite small so it is plenty big enough for what you need.

I have never made my own chocolates before so this was going to be something new.

I made chocolate truffles as it is simple to make.

I used this recipe


284g dark chocolates

284g double cream

50g unsalted butter

Vanilla essence to flavour (you can use any flavouring you wish)

This makes about 50 truffles


I chopped the chocolate into pieces and placed into a bowl and left it while I put the double cream, butter and vanilla essence into a pan and heated it until the butter was melting and the mixture was simmering.

Next I poured the mixture on top of the chocolate pieces and mixed until all of the chocolate pieces had melted and then placed it in the fridge for 4 hours.

Just before the 4 hours were up I melted a around 150g of milk chocolate in the mixing bowl (it can fit over a saucepan like a double boiler) provided ready to cover the filling.

After four hours I took the filling out of the fridge and rolled into small balls I used half of what was in the bowl and then froze the remainder for another day.

Once I had used half of the filling and rolled into small balls I used the 3- pronged dipping fork and the dipping tool and proceeded to dip each ball so they were covered in milk chocolate and placed them on the drying rack.

Once all were dipped we had a bit of melted milk chocolate left so my six year old daughter finished it up as children do!

I put the truffles back into the fridge to dry and cool quickly. While waiting for this I melted some dark chocolate again in the mixing bowl. You really do not need much of this as it’s just for drizzling. A few squares.

When it was melted and my chocolate truffles were cooled and dry I drizzled on the dark chocolate. Now I did have a mishap with the dark chocolate. I managed to get water into the chocolate and it turned to a paste. I managed to get it runnier by adding a few drops of milk though.

Here is the result:


I found the Chocolate making kit very valuable when making the truffles and for just £9.99 it is a bargain and will get plenty of use as my family love chocolate. I will be experimenting with different flavours and chocolates too.




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