Chewits Selection Box


SAM_8587Every year we see chocolate selection boxes on the supermarket shelves and every year my children ask for one. I do not have a problem with it at all but they are all the same, almost every box big or small has the same chocolates in and to be frank it gets boring year in year out.

I was sent a Chewits Selection Box to review and as soon as I heard the words Chewits Selection Box I thought ‘That’s new and different’.

Inside the Chewits Selection Box is 6 packets of chewits in flavours, strawberry, cola, fruit salad, orange and blackcurrant and two packs of Chewits Xtreme in sour tutti fruitti and sour apple flavours.


My children both love Chewits and like I said it makes a nice change from the chocolate selection boxes. I have since bought another two boxes to go in their stockings and I am hoping they may share a sweet with me as it’s Christmas and it would be ‘elfish’ not to 😉

If you are looking for the perfect treat to fill your children’s stockings this Christmas, look no further than the Chewtastic Chewits Selection Box which is available from Asda now RRP £2.

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