Did You Know These Facts About Daylight Saving Time?


Dont Forget: On Sunday 30th March at 2am the clocks go forward an hour. I used to find it hard remembering whether I was to put the clocks forward or back one hour, then a friend told me how they remember it and I have not had trouble remembering since. So if you ever have trouble remembering just think of these words… Spring Forward and Fall Back. In other words in Spring clocks go forward and in Fall (Autumn) they go {Read More}

Clothes Shopping Online


I love shopping online, mainly for clothes but I also buy a lot of items for the home online too. Not just for myself, either, I can usually find great quality clothing for my two daughters and husband and also gifts for birthdays, weddings and so on. I do like to shop about to get good deals and am frequently looking to get voucher codes for Next and other big brand stores. I love to save money where I can {Read More}

My Experience with Groupon

I was given a voucher to spend on the Groupon site. Now in my honest opinion I would not use Groupon again the reason for this is it took a lot of emails and telephone calls back and forth to see why my voucher was being shown as used when I entered the code  but not showing up as an order or being used on their system. So basically I had spent it but there was no record of it. {Read More}

Saving on Days Out

Like most kids mine liked to go on days out, and my husband and myself do too but times are hard and the prices of different days out seem to have rocketed sky high. We went to the Zoo a few weeks back which was fun but that cost us over £65 for a family of four and that was without the food, drinks, icecream and the dreaded gift shop which I think is well over priced as you can {Read More}

Shopping for Beds

My eldest daughter has now decided that she doesn’t want to share a bedroom with her little sister as she needs space to do homework and just alone time. She had her own room to start with but decided she wanted to sleep in her sisters room so we got bunk beds for them and had the other room as a guest room for when family members or friends stayed. We had recently decorated the other room and carpeted it {Read More}