A stocking filler your daughter will love


I have not met one little girl yet who does not like Frozen and are Elsa and Anna mad, my daughter is crazy over them and whenever we are in a shop and she sees anything to do with Frozen she will ask if she can have it. So when I was asked if I’d like to receive the new Frozen  Top Trumps from Winning Moves I was delighted to accept as I knew my daughter would be very pleased {Read More}

Pig Goes Pop!


We were sent the game Pig Goes Pop! to review as part of the Ideal Games Group from John Adams. Pig Goes Pop! is a tense but hilarious game suitable for 2-6 players which is guaranteed to have kids aged 4+ squealing with laughter! Stuff the greedy pig chef with burgers and watch his belly grow bigger and bigger – but watch out, as there are only so many he can scoff until his belly explodes! Gameplay is simple; each {Read More}

SHOUT! Game Review & Giveaway


I love to get a game out for the family to play together as it is getting a rarity for the family to do things together anymore so when I was asked if I’d like to review the new game SHOUT from Drumond Park,  I was eager to receive it and have some fun family time without computers and computer games. This is what it says on the back of the box; The explosive team game of looking, linking & {Read More}

Club Chic from Vivid


Have you heard of Club Chic? They are a new doll from Vivid that are gorgeous bear dolls. There are 5 available and they each have their own style and personality. Each have their own oversized handbag to match their personality. They have cute little ears poking out of their hair and check their feet out. We were sent all five of these gorgeous little bears and my daughter was in her element. She loves dolls and these are dolls {Read More}

Dino Supersaurus Boxset from Parragon


ROAR! was the first word that sprung to mind when I saw the Dino Supersaurus Boxset  which is a build and play 3D dinosaur  set with activity book, and then I thought ‘oh my daughter is going to love this. This is what it says on the back of the box; ‘KABOOM! T-Rex and the evil Sinistaurs are on a mission to destroy new Dino City… Again! Get ready to do battle with your easy-to-build 3D Supersaurs and unleash their {Read More}

Robo My Magical Mermaid


If you have seen Robo-Fish you will know that they have caused quite a stir lately. I have seen them and thought they looked pretty cool. So when I was contacted asking if my daughter would like to review the new Robo My Magical Mermaid I just knew that she would love too. Not only because it is a mermaid and little girls love mermaids but because I knew it would get plenty of use, if not in a special {Read More}

NEW Super Lottie -Girl’s Can Be Superheroes Too!


As  mentioned in a previous post Stressed Rach is a Lottie Ambassador and with that great role I am here to not only review great Lottie Doll and accessories but also let you know what’s new in Lottieville. Arklu, a UK toymaker is helping end the dearth of female superheroes available on toy shelves, with the introduction of a NEW superhero outfit that was designed by a child for the multi-award-winning Lottie Doll. Today at 2pm Lottie launched  Super Lottie {Read More}