NEW Super Lottie -Girl’s Can Be Superheroes Too!


As  mentioned in a previous post Stressed Rach is a Lottie Ambassador and with that great role I am here to not only review great Lottie Doll and accessories but also let you know what’s new in Lottieville. Arklu, a UK toymaker is helping end the dearth of female superheroes available on toy shelves, with the introduction of a NEW superhero outfit that was designed by a child for the multi-award-winning Lottie Doll. Today at 2pm Lottie launched  Super Lottie {Read More}

My Friend Cayla Interactive Doll Review & Giveaway


My daughter had seen My Friend Cayla Interactive Doll on YouTube and she had mentioned it to me on several occasions. I was asked if we would like to review it from Tesco and I kept it quiet from her until the day it arrived and it was sitting in the dining room awaiting her return from school. To see her face go from a rather tired look on her face to a big cheesy grin and then a little {Read More}

Lottie – Biscuit The Beagle Accessory Pack & Giveaway


Did I tell you that Stressed Rach is now a Lottie Ambassador? This means that I will be publishing some great posts about Lottie in the future. My first post is a review of the Biscuit The Beagle Accessory Pack which my daughter chose because she wanted a friend for Pandora the Persian Cat accessory pack she already has. Included in the accessory pack was Biscuit the Beagle, dog bed, dog bag, bone, leash, outfit and drinking bowl. This is {Read More}

Rubik’s Fun with 2 Cubes, A Twist and A Race


As part of the John Adams Games Group we were sent some Rubik’s goodies which included a Rubik’s Cube, A mini Rubik’s Cube on a Keyring Rubik’s Twist and Rubik’s Race. Did you know the Rubik’s Cube is celebrating its 40th Anniversary, it was first invented by Ernö Rubik in 1974 in Hungary. The world’s obession with the Rubik’s Cube became apparent in the 1980’s making the puzzle synonymous with the ‘retro’ era. It is estimated that 350 million Rubik’s {Read More}

Osprey Adjustable Quad Skates


My daughter has been asking for some skates for a long while now, when she first started asking for them she was only three years old and I had put her off with mentions of a new bike or something similar. She is now seven and a half and so when I was asked if we would like to review a pair of skates I thought well if she doesn’t have any now she will never learn how to skate. {Read More}

Finger Football Game with Haribo


To get into the World Cup spirit we were sent a Finger Football set and some Haribo sweets from the lovely people at Haribo so we could have our own game of football in the nice environment of inside out home. Which is just as well as the weather has changed a lot this week and it is quite chilly and wet outside. Inside the Finger Football set is a pitch mat, 2 pairs of finger football boots, 2 goal {Read More}

Tamagotchi Friends


When I heard that Tamagotchi’s were back I wondered how different they would be from the Tamagotchi’s that started the craze off back in the 1990’s and also wondered what my 7 year old daughter would think about it. We were sent one to review and my daughter of course wanted to play with it there and then, typical child. Tamagotchi’s have changed but not so much as I would have thought with 20 years since the originals came out. {Read More}