Finger Football Game with Haribo


To get into the World Cup spirit we were sent a Finger Football set and some Haribo sweets from the lovely people at Haribo so we could have our own game of football in the nice environment of inside out home. Which is just as well as the weather has changed a lot this week and it is quite chilly and wet outside. Inside the Finger Football set is a pitch mat, 2 pairs of finger football boots, 2 goal {Read More}

Tamagotchi Friends


When I heard that Tamagotchi’s were back I wondered how different they would be from the Tamagotchi’s that started the craze off back in the 1990′s and also wondered what my 7 year old daughter would think about it. We were sent one to review and my daughter of course wanted to play with it there and then, typical child. Tamagotchi’s have changed but not so much as I would have thought with 20 years since the originals came out. {Read More}

Sphero 2.0 – Great Fun for Kids and Adults

sphero 2.0

I must be honest and say that I had never heard of a Sphero 2.0 before but when I was asked if we would like to review one and took a look at a video of a Sphero 2.0 being used I just had to say yes as I knew that the whole family would enjoy playing with it. Sphero 2.0 is a robotic orb, smart toy, game system which you can play with, learn with and explore with and {Read More}

Wasgij? A Different Kind of Jigsaw Puzzle


I love jigsaw puzzles although I haven’t done one in a very long time so when I was offered the chance to review  Wasgij Spring Has Sprung jigsaw puzzle from Jumbo I jumped at the chance. I had not heard of Wasgij mystery puzzles before so didn’t really know what I was getting myself in for. When it arrived I looked at the box and thought hmm doesn’t look too hard”, that was until I realised that the concept of {Read More}

Easter Tamagotchi Friends Offer


Why not hatch an egg with Tamagotchi Friend this Easter and make a saving too. The Entertainer have a great Easter offer on all Tamagotchi Friends where you can save £5 making the beloved Tamagotchi Friends just £20. There are lots of different Tamagotchi Friends and colours to choose from and kids love them. I remember Tamagotchi’s from my childhood and I was surprised to see they are still going now. So why not buy your child one this Easter {Read More}

Win Your Own Cryoow! Doll


If you have seen Cryoow! Dolls you would notice that everyone is unique, they are one of a kind dolls that are made using children’s own drawings. We were given the opportunity to review one and as soon as I told my daughter she grabbed a piece of paper and her coloured pencils and set to work on drawing her perfect doll. With a little help from her big sister after about an hour or so her drawing was finished, {Read More}

Flower and Butterfly Wigwam


I was asked by Garden Games if I would like to review a Flower and Butterfly Wigwam. Now I know it really hasn’t been the weather for using wigwams outside but I knew it would definitely get a lot of use in the summertime and that we could set it up temporarily in the house until the nice weather comes. It came in a long box which is good as I can use the box to store the wigwam when {Read More}