BarkBeats Pet Subscription Box


Looking on the internet I was surprised at the amount of pet subscription boxes available in the UK, this time last year I didn’t even know there was such a thing. The ones I have seen range from about £18 – £25 a month. I do love my dogs and they deserve a treat once in a while but I cannot stretch to that amount every month and to be honest I usually won’t buy something if I don’t know {Read More}

PetShop Bowl Goodies


I was asked if I’d like to review some goodies for my dogs from PetShop Bowl and I happily agreed as it isn’t very often my dogs get to review things and I knew they would enjoy whatever they received. Delivery was really quick and as soon as I opened the box my dogs were in it having a good sniff around wagging their tails. Inside the box was a 2g bag of Canagan Small Breed Dog Food in  Grain {Read More}

Burns Pet Nutrition Dog Food


I have two Shih Tzus both are adults, I feed them both on dry complete mix as our male dog gets a funny tummy when he has wet food plus he has allergies and skin conditions  so I try to stick to hypo-allergenic foods. Burns Pet Nutrition contacted me asking if I would like my dogs to try their food which I agreed to as it is hard to find a food that the dogs both like but it agrees {Read More}

Thundershirt for Dogs Review


The Thundershirt is from the USA originally which uses Tellington TTouch principles to apply gentle constant pressure to the dog wearing the ThunderShirt which produces a calming effect on even the most anxious, fearful, noise sensitive and over excited dogs. In recent studies in the USA Thundershirt showed n 82% success rate for dogs suffering from anxiety. I was sent a Thundershirt to review and was looking forward to reviewing it as my dogs bark when over excited and one {Read More}

AquaEl Classic 40 Bow Aquarium Kit

AquaEl Classic 40 Bow Aquarium Kit

My youngest daughter has been asking if we could get some fish for long while but I always put it off for one reason or another but then I was offered the chance to review an AquaEl Classic 40 Bow Aquarium Kit  from SwellUK and I said yes, my daughter would have her fish. The AquaEl Classic 40 Bow Aquarium Kit arrived really quickly and was well packaged inside the box was the AquaEl Classic 40 Bow Aquarium with lighting, {Read More}

Pomeranian Breed of a Queen by John Williams

Pomeranian Breed of a Queen

Title: Pomeranian Breed of a Queen Author: John Williams Genre: Non-Fiction, Pets, Dogs Length: 36 pages approx Publisher: Flask Of Oil LLC (March 22, 2013) Synopsis: If you have a Pomeranian or would like to own one, this book is for you. Do you know that Pomeranians have a history with two specific queens? You will learn who they are in the book: “Pomeranian – Breed Of A Queen.” It covers most every topic that will apply to your Pom and provides associated charts you {Read More}

Protect Your Cat’s Teeth From Disease

The Daily Cat: Health Care Protect Your Cat’s Teeth From Disease By Elijah Merrill for The Daily Cat Looking inside a cat’s mouth can sometimes solve medical mysteries. Just ask emergency clinician Dr. Patricia Joyce. “Often, a somewhat older cat will come in, and their owners are concerned because it has stopped eating”, she says. “At first, your mind jumps to 13 different metabolic diseases the cat could have, but when you look in the cat’s mouth, you find a {Read More}