Ice Bucket Challenge and Awareness


I was nominated to do the Ice Bucket Challenge this week by my lovely daughter Tiff and I really didn’t want to do it to be honest the thought of ice cold water with ice cubes going over my head is not very appealing but after thinking long and hard I decided that I was going to do it. I donated my money to two worthy causes though. The first of course was MNDA (Motor Neurone Disease Association) which is {Read More}

Phantasee Halloween and Party Lenses

I have always wanted to try special lenses for Halloween parties. I have seen so many different lenses people wear are they look really cool and sets their costumes off perfectly. VisionDirect asked me if I wanted to review a pair of their Phantasee Lenses and of course I said yes as I am going to a Halloween party soon and I did want to lenses to wear this time as I thought they would make the outfit I am {Read More}

My Holiday Journal

We were sent a My Holiday Journal from The Victoria Chart Company. The My Holiday Journal is just that, A journal for children to use while they are on holiday whether that be a proper holiday or just a school holiday. It is a 20 page, A4 journal which encourages children to write, colour, draw, stick and collect and when they have finished if they have Show and Tell at school it would have a perfect subject to share with {Read More}

The Green Chilli Challenge

This time its Tiff’s turn we thought we would go easy on her and let her try a green chilli pepper (bird eye) first. So here is the video

The Red Hot Chilli Challenge

With the Cinnamon Challenge done, I think time asked my hubby to eat a red hot chilli pepper. He agreed thinking it would be easy. See how cocky he is at the start of the video haha. Everytime I watch this I am in fits of laughter!!!

The Cinnamon Challenge

I have challenged my husband and my daughter to do a few challenges during the week. There are 5 videos so far but I am not going to post them all at once. So todays video is Rog’s Cinnamon Challenge Enjoy

Where Do You Blog Meme

I have been tagged by Blog By Baby to join in with the Meme Where Do You Blog? So this is it… My trusty desktop, This is my baby I have everything I need here and its my sanctuary. This is where I do all my blogging, and everything else computer related, listening to music and even watching tv shows. Surround sound speakers that have my headphones plugged in so as not disturb anyone while I’m listening to music and {Read More}