Cleaning with Astonish this Christmas #Christmasclean


I am sure most people have seen Astonish products in shops but have you actually tried it? I used to use it but for some reason I swapped to a different brand which was more expensive, maybe the Astonish product I wanted was not available so I probably picked up something else. I was asked if I would like to try some Astonish products just in time for my pre-Christmas clean. I received Oven & Cookware Cleaner, Handwash, Floor Cleaner, {Read More}

Aquaint Sanitising Water


I had not heard of Aquaint before so when I was asked if I’d like to try it I agreed as I love trying new things especially natural ones and most of the time I will like it so much I will purchase it in the future. I received four bottles of Aquaint to try, 2 x 500ml spray bottles that were original Aquaint Sanitising Water and A Vital Baby version, and 2 handbag size spray bottles 50ml of the {Read More}

Lunette Menstrual Cup (RUMPs)

Lunette Menstrual Cup

I have been using the Lunette Menstrual Cup for about three cycles now. You will notice that most of my menstrual cup reviews will be based on at least three months of use, this is because I feel I can give them a better review as we all know that sometimes periods can be different from month to month and the cervix moves around so what might have worked well during one period may not necessarily work quite as well {Read More}

Keeping It Clean with Dettol


Cleanliness is next to Godliness apparently and I think that on some scale I could do better as could most of Brits according to some data I read from the Dettol Home Truths Study 2014 which revealed that Britain’s dishcloths are deemed amongst the dirtiest in the world and health experts warn that they could be responsible for spreading infections in the home. Six out of ten contaminated dishcloths harbour the harmful E.coli bacteria. UK dishcloths are dirtier than toilet {Read More}

MeLuna Menstrual Cup (RUMP)


I truly am a complete menstrual cup convert I have not bought disposable sanitary protection for months now, but with becoming a cup convert means I see a cup I do not have and want it so I tend to buy it. When I was searching the MeLuna website I was surprised at how many sizes, styles and colours of menstrual cups are available. There are 6 different sizes, XL, L, M, S, Mini M and Mini S and the {Read More}

Dettol Anti-Bacterial Laundry Cleanser


My daughter has a special soft Upsy Daisy Doll that she carries around everywhere with her this isn’t a new thing, it started at 6 months old and still at 7 years old she needs Upsy Daisy with her at all times barring school time. The problem with her carrying it around with her all the time is that she takes it in the garden, lays it on the floor, takes it around friends and families houses, the dogs pick {Read More}

Dettol with E45 Softness HandWash

Dettol with E45 softness

I was sent a bottle of  Dettol with E45 Softness hand wash to review. We use hand wash frequently through the day. Go to the toilet wash hands, wash hands before prepping food, again before and after dinner, play with the animals wash hands. I cannot stand the feel of hands that have not been washed and I think that is rubbing off on my children. Maybe I am a little OCD but I would rather wash my hands all {Read More}