Dormeo Memory Mattress


I have been on about getting a new mattress for our bed for some time now but with appliances needing to be replaced it was just put at the bottom of the list as it wasn’t as important as the other things we needed. Much to my surprise I was asked if I’d like to review a memory mattress from Dormeo and it was our chance to get our new mattress and I literally jumped for joy. The mattress we {Read More}

Umbra Skyline Desk Organiser


With amount of work I do at my desk it is always getting really messy with different stationary items, at one point I found 15 different pens scattered around it. The reason for this is that I write a lot and I prefer writing my ideas on paper when they can be seen by me rather than forgotten about in a file on my computer. I was sent an Umbra Skyline Desk Organiser and hoped that this would keep my {Read More}

Reducing The Running Cost Of Your Car – Money Saving Car Kit


We have a car and sometimes it can be a pain to run and I sometimes wish we had public transport where we live, but there is no public transport in our very small village so we have to use the car. We do not have much money so reducing the running cost of our car is essential for us. We were sent a Money Saving Car Kit from Debt Free Direct which included a set of jump leads, Digital {Read More}

Dettol Anti-Bacterial Laundry Cleanser


My daughter has a special soft Upsy Daisy Doll that she carries around everywhere with her this isn’t a new thing, it started at 6 months old and still at 7 years old she needs Upsy Daisy with her at all times barring school time. The problem with her carrying it around with her all the time is that she takes it in the garden, lays it on the floor, takes it around friends and families houses, the dogs pick {Read More}

My Beautiful Canvas from Canvas Dezign & Giveaway


I love to have canvases around my home of my children I sit and look at them often and wonder where the time has gone as they are growing up so fast. I seem to have neglected my eldest daughter in the way of canvases for a while though, mainly because she is never around when I take photographs and if she is she will tell me she doesn’t want her photo taken. Last year she was in Year 11 {Read More}

5 Star Combination Cork and Dry Wipe Board


I have been wanting a dry wipe board for a while as to be honest lots of post it notes all around my desk can get very messy especially when they fall down from where they are placed an it also takes me a while to find the note I need. So when I was approached by Shoplet to review a 5 Star Combination Cork and Drywipe board I had to agree as it would help me get my desk {Read More}

Lets’ ‘Wok’ at the Weekend


  It is Chinese New Year today and although I am not Chinese it is still a great time to get the wok out and make some Chinese food although any time is a good time to have Chinese food. I was asked if I would like to review a wok from Tesco and as the handle fell off our last one I happily agreed. I was sent a £10 gift card to purchase the wok. I went to my {Read More}