Lunette Menstrual Cup (RUMPs)

Lunette Menstrual Cup

I have been using the Lunette Menstrual Cup for about three cycles now. You will notice that most of my menstrual cup reviews will be based on at least three months of use, this is because I feel I can give them a better review as we all know that sometimes periods can be different from month to month and the cervix moves around so what might have worked well during one period may not necessarily work quite as well {Read More}

Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher


  When I was contacted and asked if I would like to review a water pitcher from Clearly Filtered I did a bit of research before accepting.  I have had water filter jugs in the past and they have all ended up being binned by my husband as they all seemed too small. It is ok if you are just using it for one or two people but when you have a family or a lot of visitors who all {Read More}

Calypso SPF30 Sun Lotion


Using sun protection is a vital part of life for me, I do not particularly want to suffer with skin cancer in a few years time, I also do not want my skin to age quicker than normal and I definitely do not want to be uncomfortable sun burnt because I couldn’t be bothered to apply sun lotion. I was asked if I would like to review a bottle of Calypso SPF30 Sun Lotion and happily agreed. It has a {Read More}

The Most Fun and Easy Work Outs I can Do At Home

Quorn Ambassador Badge - Final

This post was written as part of my blogger ambassador role with Quorn. If you are like me work outs do not sound appealing, they make me feel like I am back at school where I have to do them or in the Army. with the constant nagging of “you must do this to keep fit and lose weight”. Just the words Work out does not sound like fun, getting hot and sweaty running around the village or the gym {Read More}

Craze Flavoured E-Shisha


I am sure everyone has heard of E-Cigarettes by now, with more and more places not allowing smoking they are now the thing to have if you are a smoker, or trying to give up smoking. I started smoking again a while ago, which was a particularly bad a stressful time for me, I regret it and want to give up again so when I got the chance to review the Craze Flavoured E-Shisha’s I jumped at the change. What {Read More}

Ozeri Cardio Tech Premium Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitor


My blood pressure worries me because I am one person who stresses and worries about most things, normally stupid things that other people wouldn’t bat an eyelid at. I am trying to deal with it, taking deep breaths, telling myself to calm down and that the worst case scenario is not what will happen. But also I am a little over weight and rarely exercise due to a back injury. I was asked if I would like to review a {Read More}

formoline L112 Weight Management Tablets

formoline L112

I was asked if I would like to try formoline L112 weight management tablets, as I needed to lose a bit of weight I jumped at the chance. Formoline L112 is great for healthy slimming as it binds a percentage of the dietary fibre in the gastrointestinal tract preventing it being absorbed by the body. It helps achieve the daily calorie reduction required to successfully lose weight. My meals are mostly healthy anyway but I do like to indulge on {Read More}