Moving More with the Fitbit Zip


If you had read my ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ post you would have seen that I didn’t not make many resolutions at all but one thing I did want to do was move more. To help with this giffgaff sent me a Fitbit zip to review and I new this would be a great deal of help. A Fitbit zip is a wireless activity tracker and in the pack is; Tracker Clip Battery Wireless USB dongle Battery tool Free Fitbit account It {Read More}

Carbon Monoxide Awareness


Is your home safe from Carbon Monoxide? This is a question I have heard time and time again but I assumed it was only associated with properties that have a gas supply. I was very wrong and to be honest stupid, I feel like I put my family at risk because I didn’t know and I was stupid not to have done my research, I really was totally unaware. Thankfully I have been made aware of the dangers now, it {Read More}

The Berry Company Juices


I like to drink juices often but there are so many to choose from it is sometimes difficult to find the healthy option so when I was approached by The Berry Company to review some of their juices I was very excited to try them. I had previously tried the White Tea Peach drink and really liked it. The Berry Company sent me four cartons of their juices, White Tea Peach, Acai Berry,  Gogi Berry and Superberries. As I hadn’t {Read More}

MANFLU – We love these products


My man has a cold, yes you heard that right a cold, common cold, seasonal cold whatever you want to call it, you know the ones us women get when the seasons change and we feel bunged up, cold, have a cough and a runny nose but WE get on with our daily lives. Ask my husband what is wrong with him and he will tell you he has flu, he is dying, he has got phnemonia. Given half the {Read More}

Aquaint Sanitising Water


I had not heard of Aquaint before so when I was asked if I’d like to try it I agreed as I love trying new things especially natural ones and most of the time I will like it so much I will purchase it in the future. I received four bottles of Aquaint to try, 2 x 500ml spray bottles that were original Aquaint Sanitising Water and A Vital Baby version, and 2 handbag size spray bottles 50ml of the {Read More}

Migrastick Roll-On Headache Reliever


When I was asked if I would like to try Migrastick which is  a roll-on headache and migraine reliever I agreed but I must admit I didn’t think it would actually work but as I get a lot of headaches it was a good idea to try it anyway as if it did work it would mean less tablets taken. Migrastick comes in a 3ml roll-on stick and it is 100% natural essential oils, Peppermint and Lavender. The Peppermint essential {Read More}

Lunette Menstrual Cup (RUMPs)

Lunette Menstrual Cup

I have been using the Lunette Menstrual Cup for about three cycles now. You will notice that most of my menstrual cup reviews will be based on at least three months of use, this is because I feel I can give them a better review as we all know that sometimes periods can be different from month to month and the cervix moves around so what might have worked well during one period may not necessarily work quite as well {Read More}