Barrel Butter US Giveaway


Welcome to Barrel Butter GIVEAWAY- 2 Winners 4 Butters Each! Sponsored by Barrel Butter and Hosted by PinkMama’s Place I can’t say enough about Barrel Butter! Having Barrel Butter in my kitchen made me a better cook(ask my family lol). If you are regular PMP reader you know cooking is NOT my thing! I suck at it, I’m sure I ruin at least one meal a week. However, the week I was able to review Barrel Butter my meals ROCKED {Read More}

BodiFresh US Giveaway


Welcome to the Bodifresh Giveaway! Hosted by Beauty Brite and Fairy Tale Reviews

$50 Walgreens Gift Card Giveaway


Welcome to the $50 Walgreens Gift Card Giveaway Hosted by Beauty Brite and Fairy Tale Reviews Be kind to your skin with Simple. I love the Simple brand and use it a lot. I particularly like the cleansing wipes as there are no nasty ingredients added which means no nasty skin reaction. Want to try the New Simple® Ultra Light Gel Moisturizer, for instant hydration, or New Simple® 24-hour Nourishing Cream for super soft and smooth skin? Want to learn {Read More}

Win Your Own Cryoow! Doll


If you have seen Cryoow! Dolls you would notice that everyone is unique, they are one of a kind dolls that are made using children’s own drawings. We were given the opportunity to review one and as soon as I told my daughter she grabbed a piece of paper and her coloured pencils and set to work on drawing her perfect doll. With a little help from her big sister after about an hour or so her drawing was finished, {Read More}

Win HARIBO’s Easter Basket of Fun

HARIBO Chick Mania

HARIBO is my family’s favourite sweets and they were looking forward to seeing what HARIBO’S Easter Range would be and they were not disappointed when I showed them. HARIBO has bought out yet another fangstastic Easter Range and one of my lucky readers can win it. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket this Easter, save some space for HARIBO’s tasty Easter treats and something for all the family. Helping to put the fun into Easter HARIBO is {Read More}

Win a JORD Wooden Watch worth $129


Have you ever heard of a watch made of wood? If yes then great, if no well you would have been in the same boat as me then. I had never heard of a watch being made from wood let alone seen one so when I was approached by Wood Watches asking if I would like to review one I happily accepted as it was an all new concept for me. I was able to choose which watch I would {Read More}

Win £250 with Room To Grow by Completing a Children Discipline Survey


Disciplining children is a difficult subject to approach as all parents have their own views on how to discipline. Some people use the naughty step or time out. Some take toys or privileges away .Some try to explain to their children that it is wrong to do such and such and some do none of those and something else.  I guess that parents do what they feel works best for them as a unit. Who is the main person in {Read More}