HARIBO Easter Range – Who Needs Easter Eggs


We were lucky enough be sent HARIBO’s Easter Range to review much to the kids delight. They love HARIBO sweets as do my husband and I. We received Twist ‘n’ Stick,  Chick Mania, Easter Fun Bucket,  Fizzy Farm Animals, Jelly Bunnies, Tangfast-Chicks, Eggstras and an Easter Fun bag. My youngest daughter loved the HARIBO Twist ‘n’ Stick which includes 6 bags of Easter themed jelly and tangy sweets plus stickers. The stickers included in the Twist ‘n’ Stick lets children {Read More}

Pebble Grey LED Cosmetic Mirror


Have you ever been in that situation where you have your make-up applied perfectly, eye liner and mascara mainly and you attend a funeral only to look like a panda at the end of it but there is no toilet facilities to check your make-up. Or perhaps you are out with your friends, laugh so hard you cry and again get caught where there is nowhere to touch up your make-up.  I have had many situations like this and I’m {Read More}

Samsung Galaxy S4 Case from Mr Nutcase


I recently upgraded my mobile phone but as you know you do not get a case with your phones like you used to in the ‘old’ days and so I went on a hunt for a case that I liked and would use. There are lots of cases to choose from but my ideal case is a flip case and I could not find the design I really liked. I was then contacted by Mr Nutcase to review a mobile {Read More}

Little Pals Cupcake Baking Set


I like baking cakes and that has rubbed off on my seven year old daughter who loves to help whenever I mention that I will be baking. We were approached to review gifts for kids although we didn’t know what we were getting until it came to us and when the Little Pals Cupcake Baking Set arrived my daughter was ecstatic that she had her very own set to bake cupcakes. The Little Pals Cupcake Baking Set included a pink {Read More}

Guylian I Love You Belgian Chocolate Box


Valentine’s Day is only  four days away and if you are anything like me you will be rushing to town or the shops on Thursday to buy your loved one a gift. Valentine’s Day does not mean you have to break the bank on a lavish gift for your partner it is a day to exchange tokens of affection. We all know most women love chocolate so why not buy some for her. We were sent a box of Guylian {Read More}

True Love Gift Set from MoonPig


Valentine’s Day is the day that is designed for everyone to declare their love for their loved one, be it a spouse, partner or someone that doesn’t even know how you feel..yet. I was approached by MoonPig and asked if I’d like to review a Valentines Gift from them. I jumped at the chance as I am rarely given flowers. I received the True  Love Gift Set which contained 12 red roses, 3 Ruscus, 1 Lanson Black Label NV Champagne {Read More}

Giving Extra to Someone Special Campaign – To My Husband


I was asked if I would like to take part in the ‘Giving Extra’ to Someone Special Campaign in which I was sent a £50 Amazon Gift Card from Halifax and I could choose a gift that I would know that the someone special I had chosen would love. I chose my husband. He never asks for anything, whenever I ask him what he would like he tells me he doesn’t need anything, he has a beautiful family, they love {Read More}