Relaxing at home, a rare and wonderful thing


Trying to relax at home can sometimes be difficult with family that are quite demanding. Having a seventeen year old I find it harder to relax than when she was smaller, I think she can be much more demanding now. College, friends, fall outs, driving lessons and hormones makes a stressful household. My seven year old is the totall opposite, she will do her own thing and is a very happy, independent child. Looking after my husband and his needs {Read More}

Great Value Gifts From Find Me A Gift


Choosing Christmas gifts for people can be hard sometimes, several times when asking people what they want or need I get the reply ‘oh I don’t know’ or ‘there’s nothing I really need’ which leaves me stressing about what I can actually get them. I was browsing Find Me A Gift a few weeks back and I found a lot of things that would make great gifts and they are very reasonably priced too. I picked three items to review {Read More}

The Perfect Gifts From toxicfox


Do you like to gift people something personalised? I do, I think that any gift that is personalised seems so much more special and more thought has usually gone into the gift. toxicfox specialise in personalised gifts for all occasions including Christmas and I was lucky enough to receive a personalised Claireabella Large Jute and TOL (Typography of Love) in a frame to review as well as a Bev Ridge and Friends Indulgent Bath Set. Customising your own Clairabella Jute {Read More}

Beautiful Christmas Bouquets from Debenhams Flowers


I love flowers and receiving them as I am sure many women do and I was delighted to be asked if I’d like to receive a Christmas bouquet to review from Debenhams Flowers. I rarely receive flowers from my husband even though I drop hints all of the time. I was able to choose which bouquet I would like and after having a look on their website I decided on the Designer Ruby bouquet which is absolutely gorgeous. It has {Read More}

Club Chic from Vivid


Have you heard of Club Chic? They are a new doll from Vivid that are gorgeous bear dolls. There are 5 available and they each have their own style and personality. Each have their own oversized handbag to match their personality. They have cute little ears poking out of their hair and check their feet out. We were sent all five of these gorgeous little bears and my daughter was in her element. She loves dolls and these are dolls {Read More}

Dino Supersaurus Boxset from Parragon


ROAR! was the first word that sprung to mind when I saw the Dino Supersaurus Boxset  which is a build and play 3D dinosaur  set with activity book, and then I thought ‘oh my daughter is going to love this. This is what it says on the back of the box; ‘KABOOM! T-Rex and the evil Sinistaurs are on a mission to destroy new Dino City… Again! Get ready to do battle with your easy-to-build 3D Supersaurs and unleash their {Read More}

Personalised Elf Sitting On The Shelf from Ornaments With Love


I was approached by the American company Ornaments With Love and asked if I would like to review a Christmas ornament from them and I happily agreed because one, I love ornaments and two I love to work with international companies. Ornaments With Love‘s website have a huge assortment of personalised ornaments and they really do have something for everyone. After having a real good look I decided on reviewing the Personalized Elf Sitting on the Shelf ornament. I chose {Read More}