Puzzler World App Has Saved Me From Boredom

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I love Puzzler World, I have two DS games of it and play them frequently although not too long at a time as I seem to get neck ache.  I was informed that Puzzler World is now on the iPad and Android, this thrilled me as it meant a bigger screen to do the puzzles on and them being easier to see. I was offered the chance to review the Puzzler World app on my iPad and it could not {Read More}

I have an Addiction…


We all have our addictions, be it chocolate, a glass of wine every day, crisps or maybe a guilty pleasure like loving Jedward. Mine is not food or pop stars it is World of Warcraft! I have only been playing it for around three weeks and I find that after I have written posts for my blog, caught up with emails and sorted the family out I will log on and get lost in my WOW world. I am a {Read More}

Puzzler World 2013 | Game Review

Puzzler World 2013

I was excited to be offered the chance to review Puzzler World 2013 because I already have Puzzler World 2012 and thought it would be great to see what differences there are between the two. It is a Nintendo DS Game and rated pegi 3. The first thing I noticed about Puzzler World 2013 is that it has new games on it. It has Loko, Maze-A-Pix, Backwords, Number Jig plus wordsearch, crossword, sudoku, codeword, pathfinder, silhouette, fitword, spot the difference, {Read More}

Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two Xbox 360 Game

My almost 6 year old daughter is Xbox 360 mad, she likes nothing more than to play on the Xbox when she comes home from school. So I knew straight away what she would be playing the evening Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two came. We didn’t really have any idea what the game was about but just jumped in with it without reading anything on what we should be doing. The game starts off with just Mickey {Read More}

iPieces Peppa Pig iPad Game

My 5 year old loves Peppa Pig and she is starting to use the iPad apps with more confidence everyday so when we were asked if we would like to review the new iPieces Peppa Pig iPad game I couldn’t refuse as I knew my daughter would absolutely love it. When the game came it was packaged in a plastic container with 4 round characters, Peppa Pig, George Pig, Suzie Sheep and Danny Dog. There were also instructions in the {Read More}

Zumba Fitness Rush Xbox Kinect

I love dance and fitness games especially the ones on the Xbox Kinect as there is no controller to hold. So when asked if I would live to try out the new Zumba Fitness Rush I agreed as I was getting a little bored of my other dance and fitness games as they had been played so many times. Zumba Fitness Rush has 24 international dance styles and 42 all new routines. Salsa, Hip Hop, Bollywood to name a few. {Read More}

Puzzler World 2012 Nintendo DS Game

I was given Puzzler World 2012 to review. I love puzzles as they get my brain ticking. When this came I imediately made sure my DS was fully charged so I could spend a while playing the game. Once charged away I went, into my own little DS world. First thing I noticed was the music wow it made me jump. I had my volume at the highest level. Not a problem turned it down and that sorted that. The {Read More}