Buying a new car can be hard


When my car got damaged by house debris during the bad winds we had last year  I found that it was going to cost more than the car was worth to fix it, we could have got it repaired through the insurance but we had already made a claim a few months beforehand with the first set of winds dragging a trampoline over the fence and damaging the car roof.  The insurance company informed us we would lose our no {Read More}

My Daughter’s Clothing Wish List


I love having daughters, I find that finding girls clothing that I actually like is much easier than finding things for boys, especially when it comes to buying for a baby. There is just so much more choice for girls, they can wear dresses, skirts, trousers, leggings, shorts and boys really only the choice out of trousers or shorts depending on what season it is. I came across a fantastic website called Melijoe that is a children’s clothing boutique and {Read More}

Spring is coming so let’s get cycling


Spring is coming, just look outside and you can see the signs and of course with the better weather coming it means for my family that we will be venturing out more, enjoying the countryside in which we live. I love nothing more than to go for a bike ride with my family and enjoying the views and it is a great form of exercise and we get fresh air to but there is nothing more annoying than an uncomfortable {Read More}

Shopping for the bedroom


When myself and my husband decide that it is time to go shopping for items for the home I do get a little excited, actually I get a lot excited.  I like to check out everything that I possible can for certain items and make sure it is absolutely perfect for us whether it be for the bedroom, dining room, kitchen or living room. We are currently sorting a few rooms in our house out and refurnishing them so I {Read More}

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a Real Illness


I am sure you have seen someone on a mission to clean their house from top to bottom, or make everything shine or maybe they just wash their hands a lot but maybe put more effort in that cleaning and you have joked about them having OCD. I know I have and when thinking back upon it I feel quite guilty as I know more about mental health illnesses and OCD is a mental health illness that can actually take {Read More}

Tips to see if he is really your soulmate


If you’re getting to the stage in your relationship where things are getting more serious, you might be wondering whether you want to commit long-term. How do you know whether someone is your soulmate or just someone you enjoy being with occasionally? Here are some tips to help you decide.   Are you still playing games with each other? When you first meet someone special, whether through friends or eHarmony UK, it’s normal for a bit of a ‘chase’ {Read More}

Shopping for Sofas


Our living room is one of the main places that my family will sit down with each other and spend time together. We have movie nights, play games or just chill in front of the TV. Now when you are doing these you need somewhere comfortable to sit. Our sofa shopping experience was a little frustrating as we just couldn’t find one that ticked all our boxes and that was within our price range. We decided on a corner sofa {Read More}