Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a Real Illness


I am sure you have seen someone on a mission to clean their house from top to bottom, or make everything shine or maybe they just wash their hands a lot but maybe put more effort in that cleaning and you have joked about them having OCD. I know I have and when thinking back upon it I feel quite guilty as I know more about mental health illnesses and OCD is a mental health illness that can actually take {Read More}

Tips to see if he is really your soulmate


If you’re getting to the stage in your relationship where things are getting more serious, you might be wondering whether you want to commit long-term. How do you know whether someone is your soulmate or just someone you enjoy being with occasionally? Here are some tips to help you decide. http://www.flickr.com/photos/milkwhitegown/4013949133/   Are you still playing games with each other? When you first meet someone special, whether through friends or eHarmony UK, it’s normal for a bit of a ‘chase’ {Read More}

Shopping for Sofas


Our living room is one of the main places that my family will sit down with each other and spend time together. We have movie nights, play games or just chill in front of the TV. Now when you are doing these you need somewhere comfortable to sit. Our sofa shopping experience was a little frustrating as we just couldn’t find one that ticked all our boxes and that was within our price range. We decided on a corner sofa {Read More}

Getting away from it all with the family this summer


It is now the summer holidays the children are happy as they have six weeks with no school but as a parent I find it difficult to keep them occupied for a whole six weeks. They get bored so easily so need things to do that they will enjoy and keep them entertained. So how about planning a family trip in the UK summer holidays this year?, we have, in fact we have several trips planned that will both keep {Read More}



Decorating is not our favourite job but unfortunately it always needs to be done. So far we have not done to badly and decorated every room in the house apart from my youngest daughters bedroom and the utitilty room and downstairs toilet. At the moment we are about to start decorating my youngest daughters bedroom  we have an idea of how to decorate it but just the thought makes me grumble. I recently saw an ebook about How to Decorate {Read More}

The Best of British Sofas


When it comes to furniture you want something that is a good quality, comfortable, durability, stylish and much more but does it matter where it has been made?  Of course it does, well it does to me and being British I always like the buy British furniture and a great place to look for sofas is http://www.britishchesterfieldsofas.com/ the reason is because they are all handcrafted in the UK. Did you know that the original chesterfield sofas were made using only {Read More}

Father’s Day Gifts

Fathers day gifts

You would think buying a gift for Father’s Day would be pretty easy wouldn’t you?  But it isn’t, well not for me anyway. I find it so difficult finding gifts for men at the best of times and when I asked my children what they want to get Dad they just say “I don’t know” which really doesn’t help me at all. My job would be a lot easier if my husband played computer games, drank beer or spirits or {Read More}