Too Much? – 365 Project – Day 45

too much?

I am sorting out my jewellery making and craft stuff and I was a little overwhelmed to see just ow many beads I have collected. They are all shapes and sizes and a variety of different colours. This photo here shows about a quarter of my collection I have 3 more storage boxes full and I am sure I will find more. I think I have far too much and am going to have to whittle it down a bit. {Read More}

Wonderful Gift Ideas from StreetHub


When looking for gifts I like to look online and search for gifts that are unique or different from the norm and a lot of brilliant gifts are only available in the city which is miles away from me and I have no way of getting there. This is where StreetHub comes in, it is a network of independent homeware and fashion boutiques based in London. Many of the boutiques deliver all across the UK and some of the boutiques {Read More}

Our Elf is not on the shelf


I had seen mentions of Elf on the Shelf for a few months now and didn’t really know what it was until I did a Google search. This particular elf comes with his own book which I guess tells the child reading it what the elf actually does. He sits on the shelf watching and at night goes back and tells Santa whether or not the child has been good. I think that is what it’s all about anyway. I {Read More}

Getting Creative With Fimo for Kids


My daughter loves to make things, she is very creative and loves to get the modelling clay out. Neither of us had tried Fimo before but we had heard of it so we were delighted to be asked to review Fimo Kids Pets and Fimo Soft Farm from Craft Merrily, I knew my daughter would love to try these as soon as they arrived and I saw what she would be creating. Fimo Soft Pets set is a fun way {Read More}

Color Me Mine Hipster Bag


Color Me Mine have a range of creative fashion bags that will suit any girl as they can decorate their bags themselves. We were asked if we would like to review a product from TrendsUK’s Color Me Mine range and knowing that my daughter really likes colouring and also loves bags I happily agreed to review it. We received the Color Me Mine Hipster Bag, the bag had a lovely hot pink trim and strap. The front of the bag {Read More}

Tobar Edible Sweet Art – Yummy Fun


My children love to make things and they also like sweets so when we were asked to review Tobar Edible Sweet Art I knew they would love it. The Edible Sweet Art comes in a little box and has all the ingredients and equipment you will need to make sweet snails. 120g Sugar dough in yellow and pink 10g Cornflour Mini Rolling Pin Brush Instructions It wasn’t long after it arrived that my girls wanted to make their sweet snails. {Read More}

Our Wedding Accessory with Country Baskets


We were given the challenge of making a wedding accessory using supplies sent to us by Country Baskets. The supplies we received were; A bouquet of artificial flowers A roll of Organza Pretty pink butterflies on sticks A roll of diamantes A roll of pretty heart ribbon Some wired gems A carded roll of thick lace and place cards. The rule was to use at least 5 items from the pack provided, and that we could use our own craft supplies {Read More}