My first try at Amigurumi


I had my Let’s Get Crafting Knitting & Crochet Magazine delivered a couple of weeks ago and at the weekend as I was feeling quite good I set about trying to make some of things in the book. I decided on attempting the chick, bluebird, rabbit and frog and started reading the pattern. Wow crochet patterns are odd. It didn’t make sense to me at all and my first attempted ended up ruffled. It was frustrating me so eventually I {Read More}

Granny Squares Almost Perfected


If you read my blog regularly you will notice that I knitted a bag a few weeks ago and my next project was to make Granny Squares which I assume are the easiest thing to make, if you are someone that crochets. I have tried crocheting once or twice and failed miserably so gave up but I have seen so many patterns that  I liked it gave me the oomph as it were to try again. After my post about {Read More}

Knitting my first bag and new needles


I like to knit when I get some time so at the weekend and after buying myself some super dooper mega expensive knitting needles which  my husband almost died of shock when he saw the price, I could finally get onto knitting my first ever bag. My needles are Knit Pro Nova Metal Interchangeable Circular Needles Deluxe Set, the set  costs £40.85 and are Brass Ni-Plated Needle Tips which come in 8 sizes, 3.5mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm, 5.5mm, 6.0mm, 7.0mm, {Read More}

Weekend Box- Fun Activities For Children


Have you heard of the Weekend Box? It is a box which will fit through your letter box and has four activities in it for your child to do at the weekend. Inside the box is; Something to Cook Something to Make Something to Explore Something Green Each activity in the box is designed to build sensory exploration skills for children aged 3 – 8 years old. It will also help teach them about different life skills in a way {Read More}

Great Gifts From Parragon


I was sent two items from Parragon to review for Christmas they were Make, Bake, Cupcake the recipe book and Hollywood Crochet. Make, Bake, Cupcake the recipe book is a fantastic hardback book which gives lots of ideas for making cupcakes in this book you will find recipes to make bear cupcakes , toadstools, cocktail and mocktail , strange cupcakes for example, maple and bacon or chilli chocolate. Halloween themed cupcakes such as squished witch  and brain cupcake bitesand it {Read More}

Make Your Own Christmas Cracker – Competition Entry


I was asked if I’d like to make and decorate a Christmas Cracker from scratch for a competition run by Cartridge Save. I knew my children would love this, especially my six year old who love crafting whenever she gets the chance to. First we got everything out of the pack and found two toilet roll tubes. We found some silver tissue paper in the pack and made a paper hat to put into the cracker because ALL crackers have {Read More}

Festive Face-Off – Giant Christmas Bauble


We were sent a hamper of goodies to use to make a Christmas decoration from Country Baskets. Now I have been really busy the past few weeks but my eldest daughter, who is 16, loves to craft things and asked if she could do it instead so I agreed as it saved me time that I was lacking too. She has written a step by step guide to make a Giant Christmas Bauble. Equipment needed; 1 x Giant Plastic Bauble {Read More}