Baking Twinks Hobnobs & Lemon Muesli Cake With Jordans Cereal for Mother’s Day


I like baking but other than making Flapjacks I don’t really use any cereals for it. I was given the opportunity to bake some goodies for Mother’s Day with Jordans Nut & Seed Muesli and Jordans Quick & Creamy Porridge Oats and thought this would be a fantastic for me to bake and eat but also I could bake something for my Mum too. I was sent two recipes from Jordans that I could try but decided to bake just {Read More}

Making Cupcakes using Cake Angels Decorations


My daughters and I love to bake cakes and cupcakes seems to be a particular favourite of theirs at the moment so when we were sent several different products for decorating our cakes from Cake Angels  to review the girls couldn’t wait to get started. We received Cake Angels Vanilla Icing, mini Marshmallows, Party Candles, 10 Flower Power cake decorations, 12 magic miniature cake decorations,  a tub of Chocolate Passion and a tub of Pretty ‘n’ Pink. First we had {Read More}

Little Pals Cupcake Baking Set


I like baking cakes and that has rubbed off on my seven year old daughter who loves to help whenever I mention that I will be baking. We were approached to review gifts for kids although we didn’t know what we were getting until it came to us and when the Little Pals Cupcake Baking Set arrived my daughter was ecstatic that she had her very own set to bake cupcakes. The Little Pals Cupcake Baking Set included a pink {Read More}

Lets’ ‘Wok’ at the Weekend


  It is Chinese New Year today and although I am not Chinese it is still a great time to get the wok out and make some Chinese food although any time is a good time to have Chinese food. I was asked if I would like to review a wok from Tesco and as the handle fell off our last one I happily agreed. I was sent a £10 gift card to purchase the wok. I went to my {Read More}

Gourmet Pidy Pastries

Gourmet Pidy

We were sent three different types of Gourmet Pidy to review just before Christmas and I knew they would be great for either  our Christmas Eve or New Years Eve get together. We received 4 Vol-au-Vents pastry shells, 12 Beetroot Veggie Cups and 12 Spoonettes. When I took the 4 Vol-au-Vents out of the packet I was surprised at how big they were, I hadn’t seen any this size before, I guess most people use the mini vol-au-vent  shells. As {Read More}

Baking Cupcakes


We were gifted some lovely goodies from goodtoknow so we could makes some yummy cakes.  I have never had an apron and my clothes end up getting covered in flour, icing sugar and such so this was a godsend for my clothes. Other goodies we received were a cupcake stand, edible decorations, cutters, silicone cupcake cases, rainbow dust cake edible glitter, piping bag and nozzles, a box of 30 cards with recipes on them. We decided to make cupcakes as {Read More}

What’s For Dinner Tonight? Schwartz 2 in 1 Mediterranean Chicken Pasta

Schwartz 2 in 1 mediterranean chicken pasta

Dinners can be boring sometimes having the same thing because  trying to find something we all like is getting tougher with a teenager who seems to change her taste in food as often as she puts on make-up (a lot). I also want something that is quick, filling and easy to make as it is now summertime it is getting too hot to stand in the kitchen cooking for too long. I was given the chance to try out some {Read More}