Great Clothing from F&F Spring & Summer Collection #FFOnTrendMum


I was lucky enough to be chosen to get involved in F&F’s On-Trend Mum, #FFOnTrendMum Spring Summer Style Over which I was thankful of. I do not really by many new clothes for me and my wardrobe is looking in a sorry state as most clothes in there are at least 3 years old and some don’t even fit me anymore! As part of the F&F On-Trend Mum I was able to choose some outfits from F&F’s new Spring and {Read More}

I’m A Bumble Bee


One thing I have learnt from having two daughters is that girl’s love to play dress up, my oldest wasn’t as dress up crazy as my youngest though and only had a few costumes. My youngest however gets new dress up clothes at least twice a year and she has a wooden toy chest filled with dress up clothes, although most do not fit her anymore so are going to the charity shop soon. As she grows he choices of {Read More}

Heat Holders the socks that hold the heat


My feet are the first to feel the cold and in this weather I find it very difficult to get them to warm up and stay warm unless I have a hot water bottle permanently attached to them. I  had a pair of Heat Holders with are thermal socks,  a couple of years ago and loved them but unfortunately with overuse they got a hole in them and they had to be binned. I was asked if I would like {Read More}

Big Cat Onesie from Asda


I love onesies, I have quite a collection at the moment, some are thin regular onesies, I have a big thick onesie, one that is a bear with bear ears at the top and I am always on the lookout for more so when Asda approached me and asked if I would like to review one of their onesies I had to say yes. I chose the Big Cat onesie as it is a novelty one and I have only {Read More}

F&F Children’s Party wear Challenge – My Daughter’s Party Look


We were invited to take part in F&F Children’s Party Wear Challenge which I couldn’t wait to do. I love to see my daughter dressed nice for a party whether it be Christmas or any other time of the year. We were given a £50 voucher for F&F and asked to pick out a party outfit to style our child in. My daughter likes to choose what to wear most of the time so I let her choose with me {Read More}

Debenhams Children’s Clothing


My daughter seems to always be growing out of clothes so when I was offered the chance to review some clothing from the Debenhams Childrenswear range I had to agree as she had barely anything for Autumn and Winter. I asked my daughter to sit with my while we chose some outfits that she liked and what I thought would be suitable as daily wear and for Autumn and Winter as if it was completely up to her she would {Read More}

Hi-Tec St Anton 200 Waterproof Snow Boots


A few weeks ago I wrote a post called My first look at Hi-Tec Snow Boots describing my first look and thoughts about the Hi-Tec St Anton 200 Waterproof Snow Boots. This is my second post and this time I am review the snow boots. I have now wornthe Hi-Tec St Anton 200 waterproof snow boots  a few times and I can honestly say they are really comfortable and warm. In fact I think because I did not wear them while {Read More}