Flames of Love by Melissa Foster


NEWLY RELEASED…….. Book #3 The Remingtons, Love in Bloom Series #12 As one of New York’s Finest, firefighter Cash Ryder is always prepared. When a woman’s car skids off the side of a mountain during a snowstorm, he’s there to rescue her. Cash is totally focused on the woman’s well-being, but within minutes of getting her to safety, he realizes that he’s nowhere near prepared for the heat that rolls off of sensual, smart-mouthed, and stubborn Siena Remington. As a {Read More}

£6.19 Per Witching Hour by Joanna Mazurkiewicz


Title: £6.19 Per Witching Hour (Paranormal Personnel Saga #1) Author: Joanna Mazurkiewicz Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance Buy Links : Amazon | Amazon UK Synopsis: Julia Taylor works as a recruitment consultant for Paranormal Personnel in London. Her normal day at the office consists of seeing clients, searching for new vacancies, updating CVs and visiting employers. It seems as though she has an ordinary life but in reality Julia is half elf and she works for a recruitment agency for paranormals. {Read More}

Stroke of Love by Melissa Foster


NEWLY RELEASED… Book #2 The Remingtons, Love in Bloom Series #11 Kate Parello runs a volunteer program in Belize for Artists for International Aid, where she deals with self-centered artists who use the program as a means to repair their marred reputations. She loves the country, the people, and what AIA stands for, but too many diva volunteers have turned her off to press-seeking celebrities altogether and left her questioning the value of the volunteer program. When she meets incredibly {Read More}

Water and Fire by Demelza Carlton


Title: Water and Fire Author: Demelza Carlton Genre: Contemporary Medical Romance Published:  1 August, 2013 Buy Links: Amazon |B&N | Apple |Diesel | Kobo | Sony | Smashwords  Synopsis: A steamy contemporary medical romance involving a sexy doctor, a naughty nurse, a midwife on a mission and a mysterious predator in Albany, Western Australia. Working as a student midwife in an Australian country hospital is never easy, but Belinda finds more trouble than most. There’s the intern doctor who follows {Read More}

Spelled (Casted Series #2) by Sonya Loveday


Title: Spelled (Casted Series Book #2) Author: Sonya Loveday Published: March 29, 2014 Buy Link: Amazon | B&N Synopsis: Releasing Elinor from the spell book was only the beginning for Jade. When a surprise visit from Lorenzo sets off a downward spiral of events, Jade’s ripped from the confines of Edge’s home and plunged into the madness of the Triad. Confused by the turn of events, Jade is only sure of four things: My name is Jade Kinsley. I’m 20 {Read More}

Casted by Sonya Loveday


Title: Casted (Casted Series Book #1) Author: Sonya Loveday Published: July 29, 2013 Buy Link: Amazon Synopsis: Jade had spent the majority of her life running from the Triad. The Triad, are a powerful group, who would stop at nothing to obtain Jade and the missing spell book for leader, Lorenzo’s, nefarious plans. And now that she has absorbed the highly coveted magic contained inside the missing book, there is nowhere left for her to hide. With the help of {Read More}

Spelled by Sonya Loveday Release Day Blast


Spelled Book 2 of the Casted Series Now Available! Confused by the turn of events, Jade is only sure of four things: My name is Jade Kinsley. I’m 20 years old. I’m an Enforcer for the Triad. And I have a debt to settle with Original Coven. Will Jade be able to break through the spell her Grandfather put on her and remember who she is, or will she become just another piece in Lorenzo’s game? Sonya Loveday, first and {Read More}