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When I was asked if I’d like to review breathease cleaning products and told a little about them I had to try them out as my husband is asthmatic and is always complaining when I am cleaning the kitchen and bathroom that the sprays are way to strong and sets his chest off. breathease has been specially formulated to help asthma and allergy sufferers while not compromising on performance.

I was sent four of breathease products which were presented in their own carry bag complete with a cloth and pen. The products that I received were multi-purpose, bathroom, kitchen and shower & tile. All of the cleaners have a trigger nozzle which you can turn from off to stream or spray.


I tried the kitchen cleaner first . The smell from it was not as strong as other kitchen cleaners I have tried. It says on the bottle that it is a non irritant formula, removes surface and airborne allergens, anti-bacterial action, leaves surfaces sparkling clean and removes grease and grime. I used it on the cooker top first as this gets grubby quickly with pans boiling over, frying spills etc. I sprayed the brethease kitchen cleaner onto the cooker top and left it on there for a couple of minutes just to soak in. I wiped it with a damp cloth and was pleased that the grime and grease came off. It did surprise me as I thought it might take a bit more elbow grease but it scored a 10/10 for cleaning.

Also my husband was buzzing around near me while I was spraying and it did not affect his chest at all.


I use multi-purpose spray all of the time, I would say this is the most used cleaning product in the house, I used it on worktops, the dining room table, stair banisters, skirting boards and the draining board to name a few. Again it is a non-irritant formula,  it removes surface and airborne allergens, removes grease and grime, leaves surfaces sparkling clean with anti-bacterial action.

It has a perfume scent to it and has not caused my husband any problems. It also cleans well and gives whatever I am cleaning a clean smell too.


breathease bathroom cleaner is fantastic for cleaning my ceramic bath, sink and toilet. I just spray leave for a couple of minutes and clean with a clothe and they all look really sparkling clean, including the taps.  I have found soap scum the bain of my life when cleaning the bath but this gets rid of it without lots of scrubbing.


The breathease shower & tile is really easy to use, just spray on the tiles and shower straight after using the it. You don’t even have to scrub or wipe it off. The tiles came up sparkling. It’s so quick and easy. It again has a perfume but all of breathease’s products  are specially developed with a safer, asthma and allergy friendly fragrance and are scientifically tested and proven. None of the products affected my husbands chest at all.
They are priced at £3 and are available from larger Tesco stores now.

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