Berocca Effervescent Tablets


I was sent a some Berocca Effervescent Tablets to review. I received a tube of each flavour, Orange, Tropical and Mixed Berries. I was keen to try these as they are a multi vitamin tablet so one tablet would give me the vitamins I would need daily. There are 15 tablets in a tube.


When I was reading up about Berocca I read that the magnesium and vitamins B1 and B2 works with the body to help you release your energy. It also contains vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant to help protect cells from aging, including brain cells.

They were really easy to consume all I had to do was pour a glass of water and pop a tablet into it.

It fizzes until it has completely disappeared and once it has gone I just drank it.

I tried one flavour each day for three days to see which one I preferred out of the three flavours and then continued to have a different flavour every day.


On the first day I tried the Berocca in Orange flavour.  As soon as I popped the tablet into the water it started fizzing and turning the water orange. It took barely any time at all for the tablet to fully dissolve.



I was left with a drink that first looked like pure orange juice and once properly settled looked like orange squash. Upon smelling it I could smell a lovely orange aroma. Drinking it I wasn’t all that keen. I am not really a lover of orange flavour but I drank it down quickly and it was fine. It never left any after taste.


The second day I tried the Mixed Berries flavour. The tablet itself smelt lovely although once it had dissolved into the water I found the aroma a little bit off putting.



This one looks like a red berry juice that once settles looks similar to summer fruits squash. The taste was actually really nice and it did taste of berries. It was really refreshing. I really liked it. So my lesson there was do not judge by smell alone.


The third day I tried the tropical flavour. The tablet smelt really tasty before even dropping it into the glass of water and the smell once it had all dissolved was just as nice.


It looks like pineapple juice before settling and then settles to something similar to tropical squash. Berocca Tropical flavour is my favourite out of the three, it ticked  both the smell and taste boxes and my favourite drinks are tropical drinks so this had a huge tick for that too.

I like that Berocca is a multi vitamin and mineral supplement. I also like that it is available in three different flavours .

Berocca is available from all good supermarkets, Boots, Lloyds Pharmacy and Superdrug and are priced from £4.59. They are available in 15 and 30 tablet packs and film coated tablets are also available.


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    I keep a tube of Berocca in my desk drawer for days when I feel too sleepy to function properly or when I feel all sniffly. When I drink it I do find it helps me wake up a bit, gives me a bit of a boost.

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