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I hate cleaning, I am not domestic goddess  and some things about cleaning really stress me out. For instance, when there is a tough stain on the cooker and I am scrubbing and scrubbing and it refuses to budge or my pet peeve which is water marks on the taps and draining board and the bathroom taps too. I was sent three different Bar Keepers Friend products to try in the hope that they would make my cleaning easier.

Bar Keepers Friend

The first item I tried was Bar Keepers Friend All Purpose Power Spray Surface Cleaner. It can be used on ceramic, stainless steel, copper, chrome, glass, porcelain, aluminium, fibre glass, brass and tiles so it is pretty versatile stuff. It is a foaming stray which clings to vertical surfaces which makes cleaning those surfaces easier.

It is really easy to use just squirt it then rub with a cloth or sponge then rinse or wipe off and it is done.  It made my sinks and draining board look so much better. It also removes limescale although you have to leave it on a bit longer. I have tried this on my shower head and it now sprays water out of it properly instead of spraying at any random angle it likes.

The All Purpose Power Spray Surface cleaner contains citric acid and oxalic acid, it is a non-bleach formula too which is a plus as I try to avoid bleach products as much as I can.

Bar Keepers Friend All Purpose Power Spray Surface Cleaner comes in a 500ml bottle and RSP is £2.99

Bar Keepers Friend

Bar Keepers Friend The Original & Best Stain Remover & Multi Surface Cleaner was the next product I tried, it says on the bottle that it  cleans, restores and polishes and can be used on ceramic, stainless steel, granite, copper, chrome, china, marble, porcelain, plastic, glass, brass, tiles and laminates and claims that once tried always used.

I first tried this on my stainless steel kettle and toaster as they had some marks on them that didn’t seem to shift when usually cleaning them. It was really easy to use, it is in powder form and I sprinkled a small amount onto a damp cloth then rubbed at the stain gently. Lowe and behold once I finished both appliances looks sparkly clean even my husband noticed I had been cleaning.

I have also used it on my husbands manky coffee cup, it seems to stain really quickly and scrubbing it with washing up liquid only seems to remove some of it. After using the stain remover the cup looked as good as new. No so manky anymore!

Bar Keepers Friend The Original & Best Stain Remover & Multi Surface Cleaner comes in a 250g bottle and RSP is £2.79

Bar Keepers Friend

The final product was Bar Keeps Friend All Purpose Power Cream Surface Cleaner, it says on the bottle it is gentle on surfaces and tough on stains and can be used on ceramic, stainless steel, granite, copper, chrome, china, marble, porcelain, plastic, glass, brass, tiles and laminate. It works perfectly on stubborn surface stains including tea, coffee, fruit juice, felt tip. on sinks and bathe, ceramic hobs and glass cooker doors. On cookware including backed on food AND rust.

This is a cream cleaner and my first experience was not very good, not on the product itself but the bottle it was really hard to open the lid and I managed to slice my thumb getting it open.

When I managed to open the lid I knew exactly where to try it first, my kitchen sink, it gets so grubby with hot chocolate, tea and coffee remnants being poured down it every day that it needs cleaning at least once or twice a day so I got to work. I love a cream cleaner I always have done ever since I was a child as we used cream cleaners to clean the bath.

This cleaned the sink up to a new kind of sparkle and it is now my product of choice for cleaning the sink if nothing else.

Bar Keepers Friend All Purpose Power Cream Surface Cleaner comes in a 350ml bottle and RSP is £2.99



Bar Keepers Friend

I am giving away a year’s supply of Bar Keepers Friend worth £50 to one lucky reader.

Open to UK & Eire Residents only
Ends Sunday July 21st  at Midnight BST

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Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for an honest review. The review is my own personal opinions and not influenced in any way.



  1. Beverley says

    My mini oven – it’s supposed to be for cakes only but peri peri chicken got cooked in it – it stinks!

  2. Tracey Ashburn says

    This would be awesome it would get rid of a lot of the stains from my stainless steel cooker

  3. Katherine Teff says

    I LOVE bar keepers friend, but have only seen the ‘Original and Best’ etc on sale in Cornwall (we are a back water), but it does a fantastic job on stainless steel and chrome, which are often hard to keep clean. I am very excited that there are more products available in the range, but I guess I’ll have to order them online!

  4. Anna Van der post says

    I hate cleaning my oven and always put it off, so if I were lucky enough to win the prize, hopefully the buzz would be enough to overcome my procrastination. If not I’d dreamily wipe down my kitchen surfaces.

  5. carol egan says

    Another vote for the kitchen sink!! I live in an area that has very hard water and I have a stainless steel so it’s a constant battle to keep it looking clean

  6. claire grigg says

    our draining board, love to keep it sparkling but not many products live up to their claims!

  7. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    My first thing to clean would be my desk. Although its an easy job, it doesn’t get done often enough and is usually pretty grubby!

  8. hazel murphy says

    I would have to clean the oven door first because the stainless steel finish marks so easily.

  9. J. Tingay says

    I would order the maid to get the oven spotless – cook is always complaining about the state it’s in! :)

  10. Emily P says

    I’d start with the kitchen (oven, sink, microwave…) and make my way outwards…it’s not good when there isn’t a single room which wouldn’t benefit from these!

  11. Julie Edwards says

    I would have to use this on my oven as I have as of yet not found a cleaner that removes the remains of my efforts at cooking.

  12. Nikki Hayes says

    My draining board and taps – I have exactly the same problem as you with water stains that just won’t come off, not even with neat bleach ;o)

  13. Clare Woodman says

    Hi, I have never found a product to combat the grouting mould so this would be great if the products could help there!

  14. Debby says

    Still tackling a belated spring clean here so it would be very good timing if I were lucky enough to win these products to help me along. Bar Keepers Friend products do seem to rate quite highly in reviews so it would be nice to try them for myself. I like the honest opinions given on Stressed Rach too. Fingers crossed for some luck.

  15. matthew collins says

    i’d try ‘The Original & Best Stain Remover & Multi Surface Cleaner’ on the marble fireplace as it’s difficult to find products that specify if they are safe to use on marble and the specialist marble cleaners are way too dear!

  16. Irene Wright says

    I’ve seen a lot written about this product recently but I’ve never seen it in the shops so I haven’t purchased any. Looks good and according to your blog, does the job well. Would love to try it.

  17. Irene Wright says

    Would probably clean the glass top on my cooker – it’s a job ‘in waiting’ because the sun is shining and it’s difficult getting enthusiastic about housework…lol

  18. Vicki Sherman says

    We have a stainless steel oven which needs a good clean inside and out so that would the first victim mwahahaha

  19. Eileen Flaherty says

    Oh..where to start-oven, stove, conservatory floor! the list would be endless..and made easier with this prize! Good luck all x

  20. Cathy says

    I love barkeeper’s friend – it’s the only thing that makes tackling the grime at the shower end of the bath easy! Was really pleased to see this as I used to buy at Sainsbury’s and they stopped stocking it early this year. And when I emailed the company to see where else I could get it, they never replied. Fingers crossed and thanks ! Looking forward to giving my bath a good clean again :)

  21. Loma Wood says

    It would have to be my windowsills- living at the seaside we are plagued with gulls – they leave their calling card everywhere!

  22. Samantha Atherton says

    I’d clean the inside of the oven door, i can get the oven clean but the grease on the door is proving particularly stubborn so maybe these products could help me out.

  23. Lisa Ellison says

    My bath, in this heat everyone is really hot and sticky and keeps showering but the bath now needs a good scrub.

  24. Phyllis Ellett says

    Got to be all the ‘brushed stainless steal’ kitchen items and the main one is the cooker, why did we buy stainless steal? so hard to keep nice.

  25. Melissa Manning says

    Easy – my oven and hobs! Have tried a lot of different products & have yet to find one that gets it super clean :/

  26. Jessica Edmunds says

    The kitchen! I’ve really got into cooking now i’ve stopped being lazy with ready meals! x

  27. Diane Carey says

    My oven, I’m ashamed to say that I don’t clean it enough. But it’s one job that I really hate doing

  28. Nikki Hayes says

    Just got your email saying I’ve won, thank you very much. Really looking forward to trying out these products, especially on my water stained draining board and taps ;o)

  29. says

    This is pretty interesting product to try! I work as a cleaner ( and I usually have hard times cleaning ovens from clients and I am always searching for new solutions! Thanks for sharing!


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