AquaEl Classic 40 Bow Aquarium Kit

AquaEl Classic 40 Bow Aquarium Kit

My youngest daughter has been asking if we could get some fish for long while but I always put it off for one reason or another but then I was offered the chance to review an AquaEl Classic 40 Bow Aquarium Kit  from SwellUK and I said yes, my daughter would have her fish.

The AquaEl Classic 40 Bow Aquarium Kit arrived really quickly and was well packaged inside the box was the AquaEl Classic 40 Bow Aquarium with lighting, heater and filter and sachet of tap water treatment and a sachet of fish food. The aquarium is 41 x 25 x 25cm and it features  a bowed front glass a volume of  22 litres / 4.8 gallons, hood lighting with 11 watt light, hinged feeding hatch, hood with stay-rod, electronic light ballast, Aquael internal filter and a glass 25 watt heater.

We had already purchased some gravel and ornaments for the aquarium so we gave the aquarium a wash and the gravel and ornaments, places the gravel on the bottom and put the ornaments where we wanted them to go and filled the aquarium up with water. We added the tap water treatment.

AquaEl Classic 40 Bow Aquarium Kit

We were really eager to get the fish but had to wait 5 whole days before we could get any this is so the water to cycle through the filter and also for the water be heated enough and be maintaining a regular temperature.  You should have heard my daughter, every morning, afternoon and night she kept asking “can we get our fish yet?” I could understand why though she was excited and days seem like years to a child.


Finally the five days were up and we could go fish shopping.  This was the fun part but it was also difficult because we had to see what fish could live with other fish, ones that didn’t fight . We all decided on Neon Tetras, Male and Female Guppies a Plecostomus and a Yamato Shrimp. They all settled in really well. Only two have names the Plecostomus is called Sucker Lucker and the Yamato Shrimp is called Prawn Cracker.


Since having the fish in the tank they have all got on with each other although we do see the randy males chasing the female guppies and we have had one Neon Tetra lay eggs so far, she got extremely fat and it was very noticeable on day 2 of having them day 3 morning she was thin again and eggs were in the plastic grass. We have also noticed one of the female guppies has got a larger tummy now so we think she might be pregnant so we will see. Obviously we know her fry will more than likely be eaten before we even see them.


My daughter will sit at the tank every day checking out the fish, she is amazed with them. She can tell them apart which I cannot and she helps to feed them.

The tank is a good size and great value obviously the fish, gravel and ornaments, thermometer did cost me a bit but to be honest to see the look on my daughters face when she is watching them and telling us what the fish are doing it is priceless.

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  1. Tracey Peach says

    I love guppy fish they are so pretty to look at. I also love Cherry Barbs.I have always wanted a aquarium they are so beautiful to watch.

  2. michael clyma says

    Great prize, ideal as a starter aquarium for the family, I would start with guppies, great colours and they breed very easily, great fun :-)

  3. Paula says

    If I won the aquarium would be for my son. I asked him what fish he would put in it if we won and he said piranhas, guess he’d be looking after them then, bless he’s only 6

  4. Dave Hayes says

    If I won the aquarium I would set it up as a FW tank for my daughters, keeping a variety of guppies & a range of plant species as I love my marine tank & love my corals so this way my plants are the substitute & I have never really had a good go at keeping plants using CO2

  5. susan cranfield says

    Green Catfish as they wink at you,they are extremely peaceful, virtually never harming another fish
    and will help clean up left over food in the bottom of a tank :)

  6. c larsen says

    Congratulations on a beautiful aquarium ! Watching fish swim is also said to lower blood pressure and keep us calm. I have been thinking of getting one for a long time and would love to have just a few gold fish, orange and black with beige speckles.

  7. Angie McDonald says

    I love clownfish personally but my boyfriend has always wanted a Crowntail Betta because of their gorgeous tails! We’d also definitely get a few barbs and maybe a little frog too!

  8. Christopher Jones says

    I love tetra fish, well I think that’s what there called, I am by no means a expert but would love to win, I find them so peaceful to watch

  9. Lucy Mayer says

    I’ve always wanted seahorses… but if I’m being sensible, I think we’d probably opt for a male & female guppy and a plecostomus

  10. Heather Shaw says

    I would love some clown fish but since the coral they need is often taken off the great barrier reef which is awful i would make do with some tetra fish

  11. Kirsty Fox says

    It would have to be a clown fish, it’s so weird because yesterday my son stated that he wanted some fish for Christmas and then today we watched Finding Nemo

  12. Laura Williams says

    I would put in some guppies as I love that the are so colourful and their tails swish…. Gorgeous!!! :-)

    Thank you!
    Laura Williams

  13. Helen S says

    I would put some guppy fish into the aquarium if I won; there’s lots of different varieties including many brightly coloured so it would look beautiful.

  14. Sarah Parkin says

    Lots of Neon Tetra fish, they have a tank full at our local garden centre and it’s mesmerising to watch them all!

  15. natalie holland says

    My kids would love some clownfish like nemo but I’d like a whole range of fish really! It would be great to take the kids to pick them out x

  16. paula hambly says

    Would love a pufferfish but know that takes a really big tank and a bit of experience would love to try a small tank like this first and have some seahorses or tetra!

  17. Carroll Marsh says

    It would Have to be Clown Fish,especially so my little grandkids would finally believe Nanny when I keep telling them there are such fish as clownfish!They always laugh and say dont be silly clowns live in circuses!!Hey Ho!! X

  18. Hayley Morgan says

    If I won this it would be a gift for my 3 year old so I would have to take him to the pet shop so he can choose, the brighter the colour the better!

  19. Lorraine Pigott says

    I’d love some Corydoras, there’s so many different kinds and they all live together happily also some Zebra Danios and Rainbow fish would be fantastic, so colourful!

  20. Joe Dee Phoenix says

    I would put in a siamese and some neon tetras.
    i love guppies though, they have some fab colours.

    ps. is that a yellow spotted plec in your tank? they grow ever so large, we had one had to buy a much bigger tank for him, the brittlenose plec stays nice and small though.

  21. elisa wright says

    I used to have a tank when I was a kid with neon tetras in it. I named them all Nigel (well they were difficult to tell apart!). So i guess i’d fill my aquarium with Nigels if i won!

  22. Charlene says

    I would love this as my little girl and I would love a pet but our grumpy old landlord wont allow them, they did agree to fish though! :) xx

  23. Vicky Robinson says

    I would love to have some tropical fish, definitely some neon tetras as they are so bright & a very small shoal of them would be lovely & I would also have to have a plecostomus as they are brilliant for cleaning up & keeping algae at bay. They grow pretty big though. I bought a small one & it outgrew my very small tank so I gave it to my sister as she has a much bigger tank where it is now very happy hiding away in all the vegetation. I miss it since it has gone as I used to go over to it & say “Hello sucker!” when I saw it which used to amuse the kids greatly! I would love to win as my old tank isn’t useable any more for fish & has a rescued newt in it at present!

  24. Phyllis Ellett says

    We got goldfish now, we love them, so will love to put in some spotty fantail goldfish in. We will have to call it Bob six as we have five called Bob 1,2,3,4 and 5 all ready.

  25. Hayley Todd says

    My son is desperate for fish! So if I was lucky enough to win this for him, I think I would start with gold fish before progressing onto more tropical ones

  26. Alison Johnson says

    Too many to choose. I love bright & colourful fish so our family would spend a lot of time choosing. I love clownfish but I am sure they are marine fish so maybe something similiar?


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