Almost nine in 10 drops their mobile phone each month, finds survey

Tech21 – December 13:

Some 90 per cent of us drop our mobile phone every month, and it appears that a few of us are really unlucky with as many as six accidental phone drops a month, a study claims.

The study also found that 25% have broken their phones thanks to unforeseen contact with water and a further 25% disabled their phones by damage caused by dirt and dust. When it comes to repairs one in 5 are content to walk around with a cracked or broken screen, however for 80% of us this proves unthinkable and a must-have repair.

Over 77% confirmed that their mobile phone plays a more important role in their lives than just five years ago. However a shocking 22% confessed they would prefer to live without their partner than manage without their phone! Not sure what that says about the state of our romantic relationships. Nearly 50% would prefer to leave home without their wallet than go out without a mobile phone.

It appears the painful part of breaking your phone is the hit to our wallets, with 38% admitting the cost of repairing a broken phone upsets them more than anything else. Almost one third confess that being unable to contact friends, family or work colleagues is the big stress when a phone stops working.

Jason Roberts, CEO at Tech21, designers and manufacturers of intelligent protection cases, said: “We knew that people relied on their phones for everyday life but we were surprised just how accident prone some customers were. Dropping your mobile up to six times a month can be an expensive business if you don’t have a decent protective case or screen protector.

“Asking people to choose between living without their phones or their partners caught us by surprise too.  We can see that the mobile phone has truly become a core part of our everyday lives.”

Phone repairs for cracked or broken handsets normally cost over £100.  Compare this to a Tech21 Impactology product, such as a screen protector or case for Samsung Galaxy or iPhone, which can cost as little as £19 on average.  It seems a small price to pay to stay connected.

To find out what makes Impactology™ different watch the latest video here:

Tech21 also manufactures cases for the iPhone 5/5s/5c, Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, Note II, Note III, iPad, iPad mini plus other smartphones, tablets and laptops.

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