I have an Addiction…

We all have our addictions, be it chocolate, a glass of wine every day, crisps or maybe a guilty pleasure like loving Jedward.

Mine is not food or pop stars it is World of Warcraft!


I have only been playing it for around three weeks and I find that after I have written posts for my blog, caught up with emails and sorted the family out I will log on and get lost in my WOW world.

I am a Blood Elf with really long ear.  I have already got to level 43 and am a member of a guild. I find new people on there all of the time and find myself going back to the start of the game a lot just to help players that have low levels and can’t defeat certain things.

I tried my first dungeon quest which was with five other people and it was so much fun battling the bad guys.


I had bought the Battle Chest pack with had three expansion packs with it and I have just bought Mists of Pandaria, but I have just seen the preview of the newest expansion pack Warlords of Draenor but there is no release day as yet but the trailer looks awesome.

In  the mean time I have plenty of things to experience such as raids and PvP which I have not tried yet. Plus I want to conquest a few more dungeons and group quests.

I do pay a subscription fee but it is totally worth it. My daughter is also loving playing it, I got some free play vouchers with the game so she can play for a month for free. I think she is getting as addicted as I am!


  1. says

    I used to be addicted to WOW! I started playing just after the The Burning Crusade expansion was released and was hooked until just after they brought out the Mists of Pandaria part….lol I only stopped playing because I started blogging and didn’t have time for both plus they made it so easy to level up there was no challenge in it….lol My fella started playing again about 3 weeks ago after a year off and I’m so tempted to start again!

    Raids are such fun!! Just to watch the serious players get their knickers in a twist if someone does something wrong and PVP is brilliant!! My eldest used to play on my character I used to get her to do the fishing for me to level that skill up as I found that so boring….hehehe
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  2. Keri Jones says

    Awww I miss WoW so much! Before our son was born we played pretty much every night and raided with our guild on a Friday & Saturday night. We would all have a beer or two, chat & laugh via vent, kick some butt and go to bed about 2am. If you haven’t got one already I highly recommend an authenticator. You can get an app or a physical one. It increases your account security & we found ours invaluable as so many of our guild members got hacked but not us :)
    Have fun playing :) x

    • says

      I have the authenticator thankfully. I am just a noob but I would hate to be hacked.My guild doesn’t do much they don’t speak or anything. I think I will start searching for a guild with mature people in it lol x

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