Saturday Is Caption Day

Today is the last Sat Cap of 2011 Can you think of a caption? If so add it in the comments below 

6 Luxury Mince Pies by Holly Lane at Aldi


Today I sampled some Specially Selected 6 Luxury Mince Pies from Holly Lane at Aldi. They are made with an all butter pastry and filled with the finest sundried fruit and French Brandy. Ohhhhhh they were gorgeous! The all butter pastry was crisp when you bit into it then it melted in your mouth. The fruit was moist and full of flavour and it actually filled the pie unlike some where the pies are half full of air. The French {Read More}

Purple Tom Tailor Hoodie From Zalando

I was given a £20 voucher to use on anything I wanted in the Zalando store, in exchange for a review. Now this was a hard task as most items were a great deal more than £20 but I eventually found in the sale line, after looking for a while a gorgeous purple hooded fleece jacket by Tom Tailor that would fit my youngest daughter. It was reduced to £20 from £31 and it was free shipping too! I proceeded {Read More}

Fractured Light by Rachel McClellan

Author- Rachel McClellan Star rating- 5 stars Llona Reese a seventeen year old girl,was an Aura, as was her mother, was an orphan both her mother and father were killed by Vykens and so her Uncle Jake took on the roll of guardian. As Llona grew up she was a loner, not having many friends which suited her as when she felt unsafe she knew it was time to move, so they moved frequently. This time was different though, She {Read More}

Boxing Day Fun

We went to my mums for the day yesterday. There was myself, Rog, Tiffany and Skye, My brother his wife and their 2 children, my mum and my 2 sisters and brother that still live at home. Mum was dressed as Santa, shes a bit nuts but I love her lol She did all the food bless her and kept us supplied with drink and whatever else we needed and kept the kids entertained. Tiff decided to nick mums beard… {Read More}

Couldn’t Help It

I just had to make a post on CHRISTMAS DAY!!! What am I like? We have had a wonderful day. Skye woke at 8am coming to the side of my bed asking if Santa had been. I answered with ‘I don’t think so’ lol We went down stairs and her face lit up as soon as she saw all the presents under the tree. Now the deal was she would open 2 of her presents in the morning, then she {Read More}

Saturday is Caption Day