Glitterbelle Books


As part of the Parragon Book Buddies programme we were sent two Glitterbelle books for my daughter. The first was Glitterbelle Dazzling Dress-up; A dress-up sticker activity book that  will turn readers into sparkle-tastic princesses as they join Glitterbelle and her friends during a fashion show that only Glitterbelle could dream of. With over 40 fashion stickers to help the girls try on different designs, the book  also comes with 36 glittery nail stickers to bring out the fashion princess  in everyone. This is a 32 page dress {Read More}

Wallpaper & Eclairs – 365 Project – Day 57


  I have been stripping walls today and unfortunately I didn’t get as much done as I would like as the wallpaper is wood chip and has been on the wall for god knows how long it was on there when we moved in and trying to get it off the walls is a complete nightmare there is at least 10 layers of paint if not more over the top. It is annoying the heck out of me but I {Read More}

Buying a new car can be hard


When my car got damaged by house debris during the bad winds we had last year  I found that it was going to cost more than the car was worth to fix it, we could have got it repaired through the insurance but we had already made a claim a few months beforehand with the first set of winds dragging a trampoline over the fence and damaging the car roof.  The insurance company informed us we would lose our no {Read More}

Bedroom – 365 Project – Day 56

bedroom so far

Today I have made a start with Skye’s bedroom we will be decorating it in the next few days but obviously there was a lot of her crap things that needed sorting out first.  She had bunk beds that also split into two single beds so now they have been separated that was difficult in itself but we did it. Now the other bed is in Tiffany’s room. I sorted out everything today, what she hadn’t used in a year {Read More}

Zebra Pens #GetBritainWriting


As you may have seen in another post I am reviewing different stationery products as part of #NatStatWeek Bloggers programme. NatStatWeek stands for National Stationery Week. We were sent some Zebra pens to try out over the half term. This was going to be for the kids to take part and as we received two of each pen I gave both girls the same pens. As soon as I gave Tiffany hers she stored them in her pencil case even {Read More}

Walgreens $50 GC Giveaway


Welcome to the Walgreens $50 GC Giveaway Hosted by Beauty Brite

Red Nose – 365 Project – Day 55

red nose

I bought three Red Noses at the weekend and as we didn’t know what we were getting in the packet I had to open them. Skye got Astrosnort, Tiffany got Snotty Professor and I got Snout Dracula. I left them on the shelf to air a bit as they smelt odd and we couldn’t actually wear them straight away because of the smell. This evening Skye decided to check them out again and pinched my nose! Here she is posing {Read More}