More Snow – 365 Project – Day 29


  Another day off for Skye today and this morning the sky was blue with fluffy white clouds. I thought this was going to be a good day, I had a call to say that my heating would be fixed this afternoon so had to stay in for access. Just after 1pm the day crumbled yet again, we received yet another phone call stating that the part was not with them yet and so they would not be coming this {Read More}

Poorly – 365 Project – Day 28


  The tummy bug has struck and Skye is poorly with it, she has spent the day laying under her duvet on the sofa, iPad in hand and running to the toilet frequently bless her. We still have no heating but it seems quite mild today. I have done all of the housework and washing and am now enjoying a caramel latte. It has been a non eventful day due to illness but I am enjoying the special snuggles I {Read More}

Shock & Peacock – 365 Project – Day 27


Today I had two things that popped out at me for photos, the first wasn’t a good photo though as we were in the car and moving and I just had to photograph it as soon as I saw it as although they are big they move pretty fast and it is not every day we see a peacock near the school. The second photo is my mum’s Orchid, I think she got this as a Christmas present but every {Read More}

Beep No More – 365 Project – Day 26


Today we had the electrician come out to fix the smoke detectors. He took one look at the flashing red light and said it is faulty and replaced both units with new. Hopefully that will mean no abrupt 3.15am wake up calls unless there really is a fire. We are still without heating due to the plumber that came last Wednesday misdiagnosing the problem with the boiler. The pump was in fact working fine it was the backup heater that {Read More}

Christmas 2000 Stickers Activity Book


As part of Parragon’s Book Buddies program we were sent Christmas 2000 Stickers Activity Book, which came at just the right time, especially when children are super excited for Christmas and find it difficult to keep occupied. Book description: Pull on your hat, coat and mittens and get ready for some frosty fun in the North Pole! There are festive doodles, icy puzzles, merry mazes and much more. Then take your pick from 2000 stickers to complete the scenes, or {Read More}

Flower & Achievement – 365 Project – Day 25


This morning my husband was sent to the garden to change the batteries in the automatic door opener for the hen house. The batteries died just as the door was half way up and the hens decided they were not coming out until the door was fully up. While the husband sorted that out I did something I was scared of doing for years, I managed to poke and  banked up the open fire up with coal. Now this may {Read More}

Cruising For Giveaways 25/1


Welcome to Cruising for Giveaways Hop! This hop is brought to you by Stressed Rach, Beauty Brite, Asha Butterflys & Pink Mama’s Place!